Your Best Blogs of 2015

My 10 Best Wellbeing Blogs Posts of 2015 As Voted By You + My Favouritebest_blogs2015

It always fascinates me to see which blogs you guys like the most. It’s never quite what I think it’s going to be! It goes without saying of course you guys have immaculate taste – here ranked from #10 through to #1 are your favourite posts of the year as determined by readership (page views) – plus my favourite post of the year. This round up is a great way to check back on your favourites plus to catch up on any that you missed – hopefully all whilst relaxing on holiday! It’s a great selection – touching on intuition, exercise, money, luck, happiness, and problem solving.

If you have any topics you want me to cover in 2016 – I am all ears – just drop me a line. As ever, it goes without saying you can expect a year of inspiration on four dimensional wellbeing – mental, physical, emotional and spiritual – right here.

Before I dive into the list – one more thing – THANK YOU FOR READING! I so appreciate you reading, sharing and commenting through the year – if just one post has resonated with you then I feel I have done my job. I have so much gratitude to each and every one of you who takes the time and trouble to read, and hope that your Wellbeing Wednesday continues to bring a little lightness and lift in the middle of your week. Onwards to 2016!

#10 – What To When Your Problems Seem Unsolvably Big

#9 – I’m Sharing One Of My Personal Daily Happiness Practices With You Today….

#8 – My Tribute To Wayne Dyer Who Died This Week

#7 – 10 Quotes To Get You WANTING To Exercise Regularly!

#6 – Pick One Of These To Get The Radical Life Improvements You Want

#5 – What is Congruence and Why It Should Matter To You

#4 – 6 Simple Ways To Make Today A Great Day No Matter What’s On Your To Do List

#3 – The Epiphany That Has Changed My Relationship with Money FOREVER

#2 – The Luckier I Feel And The Luckier I Act, The Luckier I Get

And the number one post of the year – as chosen by you is….drum roll please!….

#1 – The Number One Question To Ask When Something Doesn’t Feel Right

And my favourite?

This one – which was actually #46! I loved this one, and I got so many personal messages and comments about it I am not sure why it was #46! If you have someone in your life who had a tough 2015 or if that person is you – well this one is for you – with my love for a much shinier 2016.

Letting Go

Every Wednesday, for the last 6 years, I’ve written Wellbeing Wednesday for you. It’s something I LOVE to do every week, yes it takes time and it’s a totally free thing – but it’s the foundation of all that I do. I can promise you another 52 weeks of inspiration coming your way – so please do stay tuned. Thank you SO MUCH for reading you beautiful soul, – and ONWARDS to another great year.

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