Why all the “Year Of Your Best Body!!” stuff drives me crazy

Best BodyWhy all the “Year Of Your Best Body!!” stuff drives me crazy…and how to truly make effortless body changes.

You know the drill.

It’s everywhere right now.

“Your Best Body” is just on the other side of that detox.

“Your Best Body” is just round the corner from that 6am boot camp registration.

“Your Best Body” awaits you once you have eaten these exact things in these exact quantities in 7 days! Guaranteed!

You know what?

This thick media soup of info on our “Best Body” can be a difficult sea to swim in. The implication in all those headlines is that something is wrong with or lacking in the body we have now. And that doesn’t feel good at all.

You know what I feel about having the year of your best body?

I think it’s in inside job.

I think the answers to that are to be found in your mind, your heart and your soul. Not in a glossy magazine in 800 words.

I think that you will have the Best Year Of Your Body the minute you start to love your body unconditionally, and stop trying to flog it to get a particular result like a recalcitrant teenager.

I think our Best Body is the one we have.

Because that’s the only one we are ever going to get.

And looking at it with consistent love rather than overwhelming dismay is the most powerful foundation of all.

What we love, we honour.

Our loved ones.
Our sweet pets.
Our homes.
Our treasured activities or careers.
We honour them by spending time with and on them.
By investing in them.
By speaking about them kindly and with enthusiasm.
By lavishing time, attention, energy and money on them.

We honour what we love.

When we love, and I mean really LOVE, and feel truly grateful for having been blessed to end up the body we got, we will make choices from that place.

We will honour our body with good food that nourishes it.
We will move our body regularly in a way we love without force or will.
We will clothe it in a way we can look at it with love.
We will nourish it with treats and lather it in goodness.
We will rest it and listen to its voice.

And you know what – when you do your best for your body – IT DOES IT’S BEST FOR YOU.

It settles to its natural weight
It’s skin clears
Energy is restored
It’s an all-together much more pleasant and fun place to live.

There is no force required in this relationship because it comes from a place of love and acceptance.

Loving your body will always get you further than hating/disliking/being disappointed by/punishing it. Honourable choices will always flow most easily from love.

The Year Of Your Best Body?

It’s The Year You Love Your Body Unreservedly and Unconditionally above all else.

It’s the year you look in the mirror and say “I love you. We are a team. What do you need? How can I help you today?”

We honour what we love.

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