Louise is my name and wellbeing is my game!

I have a message to spread. About taking care of our health and our happiness as if our life depends on it…because…oh! It does! I absolutely adore engaging with audiences and delivering strategies to directly inspire intention into action.Practical, actionable techniques that real people can implement in their real lives. Easy. No fuss. Hands on. Relatable. Actionable. Inspirational.

Previously I was the New Zealand Herald Wellbeing Columnist: you could read my weekly column in The New Zealand Herald in Bite every Monday. You can also get read back issues on nzherald.co.nz, just search my name and get stuck in!

I’ve been lucky enough to be regularly featured on The Mix 98.2 Breakfast with Mel Homer, and RadioLIVE #saturdayfresh with Carly Flynn, as well as regular TV appearances on TVNZ Breakfast and The Paul Henry Show amongst others. I’m the Life Coach on the couch with lifestyle snippets and expert advice to make life a little easier, a lot more connected and a whole heap more fun.

I am honoured to have been featured and guest posted on numerous media titles both in New Zealand (stuff.co.nz, The Listener, NEXT) and internationally, such as the BBC.com (UK), The Globe and Mail (Canada) and many others as well as having my book published by Penguin.

So…if you need some expert comment please get in touch with an idea on timing and I’d be delighted to help connect and inspire your readers or viewers on all things healthy and happy!

If you need a keynote speaker for your event, conference or to inspire your staff, please get in touch here with an idea of timing and budget and let’s talk about energising and engaging your people to the max.

Want me as a guest on your show or podcast? Get in touch here with a link to your show and let’s cook up a plan.

My Corporate Wellness Workshops deliver practical advice on how to integrate lasting change in health and in life. I love engaging audiences and shifting their thinking. If you are a corporate who is serious about employee engagement then we should talk.

Possible Corporate Wellness Seminars:

Time Management is OUT, Energy Management Is in

• Understanding how to make Energy Management work for you
• How to be more productive without working longer
• Strategies to improve energy levels throughout the day
• Why Adrenal Fatigue is increasingly common in the workplace and how to avoid it
• High Energy Thought strategy

The Secrets of Stickability: making health changes that last

• Thought Strategies to actually implement health change
• Action Style Profiling as a key implementation tool
• Procrastination Busting techniques
• Understanding how to make Energy Management work for you
• Smarter, Healthier, Happier Team Performance

Smarter, Healthier, Happier Team Performance

• How different personality types can best maximise energy, connection and productivity
• How to use profiling to improve team performance and harmony
• How to play to your individual strengths and maximise your team performance
• Strategies to increase team harmony and bring out the best in each other

If you are a corporate who is serious about employee wellbeing engagement then we should talk! Get in touch today.

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