Hello, I’m Louise Thompson - your new MasterCoach and Wellbeing Strategist

I personally cannot wait to welcome you into the Wellbeing Warriors Life Coaching Academy. I’m the author of High Energy Happiness (Penguin Random House) Newspaper columnist (New Zealand Herald) and TV and Radio guest expert on all things wellbeing (TV One, TVNZ, RadioLive, Newtalk ZB, BBC World) and I absolutely LOVE what I do for a living today. I got here however, via a serious health crisis – which could have been totally avoided if I had paid better attention to my wellbeing!

After enjoying epic levels of success (yay!) – and equally epic levels of burnout (boo!) – in the corporate world I learned first-hand, and very much the hard way, what happens when we do not prioritise our health and wellbeing effectively. My life looked fine on the surface – but underneath – I was frazzled, anxious, and really exhausted. I mean reaaaaaaaally exhausted – in the end my health was so badly compromised I was bedridden for four months and unable to work for over a year.

I learned that the key to health and happiness is not more of the tsunami of conflicting and confusing health and wellbeing tips out there in the magazines – but much more deep understanding what makes us truly tick inside. Once we understand how to motivate ourselves with ease, not willpower, taking care of our wellbeing (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual) becomes a really easy, hassle-free, fast, natural integration into daily life. Effortless wellbeing only takes a few minutes a day, once you know how.

I’ve coached thousands of smart, busy, curious women for over a decade, and been honoured to support more personal transformations that I can count. I truly LOVE what I do. Working with me one on one starts at $5,000 and my waitlist is loooooooong – which is why I created the Wellbeing Warriors Coaching Academy. 

In the Wellbeing Warriors Coaching Academy you get access to the very best of my tools and resources (and me!) delivered in a supportive format that means you can implement – fast.

Life Coaching absolutely changed the fabric of my life, health and happiness and I know it can for you too: I truly believe every woman, regardless of location and budget, deserves access to these resources and insight into what really makes her tick, what gets her unstuck, and what makes her shine.

I can’t wait to work with you inside.

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