Louise working on her laptop with coffee in hand


Become your own priority for just two minutes
a day and experience sustained wellbeing
change - that sticks.

Wellbeing Warriors is the overwhelm-free, online coaching Academy that helps you create a life you love and a body you love living in.


Become your own priority for just two minutes
a day and experience sustained wellbeing
change - that sticks.

Wellbeing Warriors is the overwhelm-free, online coaching Academy that helps you create a life you love and a body you love living in.

Louise working on her laptop with coffee in hand

Understand how you tick. Create healthy, happy habits that stick!


  • You know you should pay more attention to your wellbeing…but somehow there’s never the time to do it consistently. 
  • You set the same New Year’s resolutions to eat less, move more and be less stressed…every single year! 
  • You sneakily sabotage your good intentions…you start new habits with real energy…but can never stay on track. 
  • Taking care of wellbeing just seems like another thing permanently on the To Do list to feel bad about not achieving.

I truly get it. I have more than been there. The pace of the world means we are busy women juggling multiple responsibilities. Family, finances, career, housework, community, children, health – the list goes on! We have many responsibilities and much aspiration (do better! be better!), but not enough time or focus to put wellbeing into action, and – whisper it – our own stuff frequently comes last.

Part of the problem is that there is just soooo much wellbeing info out there. Much of it is conflicting, some of it pretty shouty and dismissive of our very real responsibilities and schedule (no one needs a “simple” 19 step wellness plan!). It’s no wonder it’s hard to turn those good intentions into consistent action that delivers ease and results in our actual real lives. When it’s hard to know if you are focusing on the right stuff or not – it can be easier not to start.


I’m here to help you make real
changes – that stick!

Imagine feeling on top of your wellbeing, with a 2-minute daily check in, seeing those small daily changes adding up to massive long-term results.

Experience the relief of knowing you’re taking consistent, positive action each day with ease, and without the usual guilt or overwhelm.

….feels good, right?!

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Beat Blue Monday LIVE Challenge

What if you could...

Take tiny, but powerfully targeted action each day to improve your wellbeing in a way that’s easy to integrate – however busy you are.

Learn smart, psychological tools to enable you to see why you have been falling off the wellbeing wagon and exactly how to turn those good intentions into habits that stick for the long-term.

Prioritise taking tiny supported actions every day that are a non-negotiable for your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing, and that are easy to integrate even on those days where the wheels fall off (you know what I’m talking about).

Know exactly what to implement – and what to cheerfully ignore (woot!) when it comes to the wellbeing actions that give you the biggest impact and bang for your buck.

Reduce worry and increase calm, balance and connection in your life. Say goodbye to tired, grumpy, stressed out, rushing, complaining, harried, unfulfilled and hello to a wealth of self knowledge and awareness.

Take “sort out my wellbeing” off your mental To Do list and know that it’s completely in hand, an integral and joyful part of your life. Wellbeing? All over it, thanks for asking!

Understand HOW you TICK
Create healthy, happy habits that STICK


Hello, I’m Louise Thompson - your new MasterCoach and Wellbeing Strategist

I personally cannot wait to welcome you into the Wellbeing Warriors Life Coaching Academy. I’m the author of High Energy Happiness (Penguin Random House) Newspaper columnist (New Zealand Herald) and TV and Radio guest expert on all things wellbeing (TV One, TVNZ, RadioLive, Newtalk ZB, BBC World) and I absolutely LOVE what I do for a living today. I got here however, via a serious health crisis – which could have been totally avoided if I had paid better attention to my wellbeing!

After enjoying epic levels of success (yay!) – and equally epic levels of burnout (boo!) – in the corporate world I learned first-hand, and very much the hard way, what happens when we do not prioritise our health and wellbeing effectively. My life looked fine on the surface – but underneath – I was frazzled, anxious, and really exhausted. I mean reaaaaaaaally exhausted – in the end my health was so badly compromised I was bedridden for four months and unable to work for over a year.

I learned that the key to health and happiness is not more of the tsunami of conflicting and confusing health and wellbeing tips out there in the magazines – but much more deep understanding what makes us truly tick inside. Once we understand how to motivate ourselves with ease, not willpower, taking care of our wellbeing (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual) becomes a really easy, hassle-free, fast, natural integration into daily life. Effortless wellbeing only takes a few minutes a day, once you know how.

I’ve coached thousands of smart, busy, curious women for over a decade, and been honoured to support more personal transformations that I can count. I truly LOVE what I do. Working with me one on one starts at £2,500 and my waitlist is loooooooong – which is why I created the Wellbeing Warriors Academy. 

In the Wellbeing Warriors Academy you get access to the very best of my tools and resources (and me!) delivered in a supportive format that means you can implement – fast.

Life Coaching absolutely changed the fabric of my life, health and happiness and I know it can for you too: I truly believe every woman, regardless of location and budget, deserves access to these resources and insight into what really makes her tick, what gets her unstuck, and what makes her shine.

I can’t wait to work with you inside.

Introducing the
Wellbeing Warriors
Life Coaching Academy

30 Day wellbeing courses for accelerated
wellbeing – that works!

There are over ONE HUNDRED (and counting!) 30-day wellbeing mini-courses in the Wellbeing Warriors Academy – and you can dive right into to any of them immediately. Here are just a few to give you a flavour of the clarity you will gain inside: 

Overcoming Perfectionism
Exercise Every Day Without Willpower
Reduce Emotional Eating
Stress Less – Why You Worry And How To Stop It
Imposter Syndrome – Get Out Of Your Own Way
Effective Morning Routines
Improve Your Body Image
Setting Boundaries At Work And At Home

and over 100 more …

Wellbeing Warriors is the first coaching Academy of its kind that not only supports you in healthy habit creation, but also teaches you how to leverage your subconscious mind so those habits stick with ease, for the long term.

That’s where Wellbeing Warriors comes in – it gives you a structure for accelerated wellbeing, that works.

What I know from coaching thousands of smart, busy women to get lives and bodies they love, is that there is no one magic wellbeing bullet that solves everything – no matter what Instagram might tell you!

True wellbeing is actually about prioritising one small, positive decision in favour of health and happiness at a time. If you want sustainable results, you need to create a structure for massive personal insight on what’s REALLY been holding you back (hello, self-sabotage!), and then implement practical actions and implementation (that work with your real, busy, normal life) that move you forwards in a way that’s powered by ease, not willpower.

I walk you through this wellbeing shift in three simple steps:



Wellbeing Warriors is different because we pay attention to and invest in complete wellness: There is no point having a social media-worthy backside if we are deeply miserable in our soul. Sure, we want to fit into our jeans, but we also want to be happy and engaged with a life we love, with ease in our mind. Wellbeing is 4-Dimensional – Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual – and when we attend to the four real facets, we create enduring and cumulative wellbeing shifts that last for life. Every month in our modules we cover one of those four areas of wellness, so you get the breakthroughs you are looking for.



I know that much of the wellbeing information out there is a) contradictory and b) totally overwhelming. What that creates is NON ACTION: you know you can’t keep it up so you don’t even start! We need smart, simple, implementable solutions that get results because they are based on the psychology of what busy, modern women need – and that is what you find in the bespoke suite of curated resources and challenges in the Academy. I give you the shortcuts to the other side, so you don’t have to learn the hard way.



Wellbeing Warriors is led personally by me: it’s not “set and forget” by a “guru” who will never know your name. We talk – we interact – we WORK together! Live. Every day.

I walk my talk: we only use coaching tools I use on myself and my thousands of clients that are proven effective and time efficient to implement. It is, hands down, the most effective programme of personal development available anywhere. It’s priced to deliver outstanding value for money even if you dip in and out and only do some of the modules.


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Sign up in January 2023 and get instant access to the
Beat Blue Monday LIVE Challenge

We put the WE into Wellness

Join hundreds of wonderful women round the world accelerating their wellbeing together in our amazing Wellbeing Warriors community – you learn so much from each other’s progress, the support is amazing.

Understand HOW you TICK
Create healthy, happy habits that STICK

The Wellbeing Warriors Academy teaches you how your mind works, help you get out of your own way and create lightbulb personal insights so you can unlock health and happiness for yourself, for the long term.

You get a brand new module of personal growth every month, which we work through together with the suite of bespoke themed resources and in-depth tutorials, plus the integral 30-Days of 2-minute daily implementation challenges. It’s a guided 30 day mini-course – it will challenge you – and it will change you!

Every month you get to examine and progress your development in one new and powerful facet of wellbeing: mental, emotional, physical or spiritual. You will be amazed at what you learn about yourself and how that unlocks health habits you have struggled with for years.

I create and teach every module, so that each of the tools and modules you learn integrate and layer beautifully on top of one another for a seamless learning experience. Each module also stands alone as a complete 30-day transformational course you can dive into at will.

There are over ONE HUNDRED (and counting!) 30-Day courses in the Wellbeing Warriors Academy – and you can dive right into any of them immediately. Here are just a few to give you a flavour of the clarity you will gain inside: 


The 5 tools you need to make daily fitness a non-negotiable date with yourself and your body – that you honour without question. Become a woman who moves her body every day – because that is who you are and that’s what you do.

Imposter Syndrome

Imagine what it would feel like to release that nagging feeling of unease, not good enough and self-doubt, so you can feel confident in any situation and play fully to your strengths.

Goals With Souls

It won’t surprise you to know that 92% of New Year’s Resolutions fail.  Learn my signature Goals With Souls formula for goal setting with a MAJOR twist so you actually achieve them.

Shake Up The Wake Up

How you start your morning determines the success of your entire day. Gain vital insight from your current choices and then apply the tools to create a morning routine that powers you in mind and body.

Perfection Inspection

Hands up if you are a perfectionist? Sounds good, but it’s actually a major indicator of anxiety and burnout. Delve into the tools to analyse your patterns, so you can create a new operating style that gets you more done with way less beating yourself up.

Food and Freedom

Emotional eating costs us dear, not just in terms of weight gain, but in terms of the emotional load of guilt and self-judgement. Implement the knowledge in this module so you can eat in a way that doesn’t trigger you and begin a new relationship with food.

The Boundary Foundary

If we are unhappy in our relationships – personal or professional – then our wellbeing goals will be undermined no matter our good intent. Learn how to set boundaries you can confidently stand behind, and handle difficult conversations with confidence and strength.

Bod Squad

Want to exercise more, but without forcing yourself and relying on willpower? It’s actually easy when you know how your mind works and you set yourself up for easy exercise, no willpower required.

Cease Self-Sabotage

We are full of good intentions, but so often get in our own way and sabotage our progress. Understand why, and use my 3 step formula to finally break free and create what you want in your life.

….and that’s just for starters! Whatever wellbeing issue you have wrestled with (some, I know, for DECADES) there will be a 30-day course you can dive straight into to unlock your barriers and create the momentum you have always been after. There are over one hundred different modules on an aspect of mental, emotional, spiritual or physical wellbeing…and so much personal insight and clarity awaiting you.

Here’s what you’re going to get
as a member of Wellbeing Warriors

As well as an all-access pass to the incredible library of 100+ courses in the WW Academy,  every month you get to participate in the live module along with me, and hundreds of your fellow Wellbeing Warriors around the world. 

Collective learning accelerates personal insights and aha moments as well harnessing that wave of group momentum and progress to implement your learning together. At 6am on the 1st of the month every month you will receive:

Self Awareness Clarity worksheets

A guided process to commence each month to allow you to uncover your unique triggers and patterns. Once you know what’s really holding you back personally – it’s so much easier to change it!

Personal Progress Printables

Who doesn’t love a checklist?! Gain energy and momentum from checking off your actions and feel that progress building. Small daily wins create motivation and power your progress.  Also – you are probably doing better than you think in a lot of areas (I know, right?!).

Support Your Subconcious Screen Selection

A range of beautiful, on-theme downloadable resources to reinforce your learning and habit building on them for the month, such as lockscreens for your phone and tablet. They work in a subtle but powerful way to reinforce stickability in your new healthy habits.

Tool-packed Tutorial Video

Your on-theme video tutorial from me with that month’s wellbeing topic explained in a way that makes perfect sense, with brand new tools for you to integrate and implement. Each tutorial will uplevel your wellbeing either physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually in a way that you can never unlearn.

Bespoke Guided Meditations

Rewire your brain for success in that specific area of personal growth (limiting beliefs and self sabotage: goodbye!) by harnessing the power of your subconscious mind.

All Access Pass to the WW LibrarY

Over one hundred (and counting!) life changing modules all at your fingertips. Whatever the situation that comes up in life where you need that extra support – you have it right there at your fingertips. Over £15,000 of my life’s work available for you whenever you need it. 

30 Daily Wellbeing Challenges

To guide you through easy implementation of the tools and insights – all less than 2 minutes a day (you will be AMAZED at what you can accomplish in that time when you do it consistently). These teeny, tiny daily actions  will challenge you  – and change you.

live teaching sessions

Live teaching sessions with me scattered through the month to keep the energy high (all posted as replays so you can catch up whenever you want) and to expand on challenges or teaching points.

Wellbeing Warriors Q & A Session

The true gold that is our monthly Q & A session where you ask me questions and I answer them all personally. Always fun. Always illuminating. Always gold.

Wellbeing Warriors Private Community

You get to connect with, learn with, laugh with and journey with hundreds of amazing women in the Wellbeing Warriors community. Smart, busy, curious women, just like you, from all round the world who are working through the Academy module at the exact same time. The community is outstanding and a huge source of strength, and learning. We have formal and informal in person meet-ups taking the connections offline too, and we stream stuff so you can be there virtually.


Are you ready to dive into the Academy and start your health and happiness make-over?

The Wellbeing Warriors Academy has been working with smart, busy, curious, women round the world since 2015, and I have been a  full-time Mastercoach, columnist, author and speaker since 2010. This is not some quick online thing that’s been thrown together – this is a true Academy. You are accessing a beautifully crafted, super-well established and perfected programme of significant expertise and longevity, with thousands of satisfied members and tools, content and technology that consistently overdeliver.

I want you to have everything YOU need to make that difference in your own life – immediately  – which is why we DON’T lock the library of courses – but DO give every new member instant access to everything inside the Academy. That’s right, my friend – everything.  So whether you want to work on perfectionism, or emotional eating, or speaking up confidently, eating better consistently, building physical strength or whatever YOUR priority is – you have access to all of that the minute you join. I don’t want you to wait – I want you to have what you need to feel better, and make progress, right NOW. The library of Wellbeing Warriors mini-courses is worth well over £15,000, and of course you get instant access to the current live module worth £150 so you can work through it LIVE with me and your fellow members – starting today!

Working with me one-on-one starts at £2,500 – and my waitlist is over a year long. I know not everyone can afford to work with me individually (plus I don’t have the capacity!) – but I believe with all my heart that life coaching tools change lives, for the better, fast. That you can feel better and make progress – right now, today.

I don’t want you to wait to be healthier and happier – that’s why I created Wellbeing Warriors – so every woman, regardless of location and budget could have access to high quality life coaching. The value in the Academy is Off. The. Charts. and it’s priced so it’s easier to join than not to! There is literally no excuse not to get the support and tools to take effective care of your wellbeing. A dollar a day. 2 minutes a day. See the difference that makes to your life. I know, you know, you are worth it.

Women all round the world really struggle to prioritise their health and wellbeing – by joining WW you get to be on top of what really matters.


I’m ready to prioritise my health and wellbeing!

£449 GBP

Annual Payment

Pay annually  and receive a free White Witch Video Note during the first month of your membership

Unlimited access to all 100+ worth £15,000+ library of Wellbeing Warriors courses

Instant access to this month’s module worth £150 – learn live with me

Full access to the Wellbeing Warrior forum

Complete collection of 30-day Wellbeing Challenges

Pay annually, cancel anytime

Hold this special rate for life no matter how many price rises


I’m ready to try it out and dip my toes in the water!

£39 GBP

Monthly Installments

Pay as you go monthly

Pay monthly, cancel anytime

Unlimited access to all 100+ worth £15,000+ library of Wellbeing Warriors courses

Instant access to this month’s module worth £150 – learn live with me

Full access to the Wellbeing Warrior forum

Complete collection of 30-day Wellbeing Challenges

Hold this special rate for life no matter how many price rises

I want you to be 100% confident when you enrol in Wellbeing Warriors

These tools will inspire and inform your life.

The Wellbeing Warriors Academy is risk-free like just any other subscription service from Spotify to Netflix to your electricity bill: you can cancel your subscription anytime with a few simple clicks, and no hard feelings 🙂

If you do decide to rejoin at a later date we will welcome you back with open arms  just remember that it will be at the current price not the special one above you enjoyed on previous sign up.

The Wellbeing Warriors Academy is PERFECT for you if...

You are over the amount of conflicting wellbeing information out there, and just want to take perfectly imperfect action and make actual progress with your wellbeing.

You are open to really expanding your experience of true wellbeing from just what you eat. Members love diving into a brand new module on a new facet of wellbeing every month and say they learned more about themselves in the last 30 days than the preceding few years!

You are curious to understand yourself better. What’s really been blocking your progress or sabotaging your good intentions over the years? Be ready to finally get past it.

You are ready to implement. Creating healthy habits is about applying what we know, not just knowing it. We have a micro-challenge every day (2 minutes or less) and it’s being up for taking just 2 minutes a day to implement that tiny, bite sized thing to do or think about – that adds up to massive long-term change. You will be amazed at what you can accomplish in 30 days.

You have enough awareness to know that your wellbeing is your responsibility! You like feeling good in your body and in your life and having supported implementation to turn good intentions into a healthy, happy reality sounds good.

Don't miss out, Waitlist now

Doors opening soon with a very special bonus offer, waitlist now to be the first to find out when.



£449 GBP

Annual Payment


£39 GBP

Monthly Installments

Is Wellbeing Warriors
right for me?

If you want to learn how to be healthier, and happier – without the overwhelm or guilt – and to lock in wellbeing habits that you keep for the long-term, Wellbeing Warriors is perfect for you.
Our ideal members fall into one of these categories:

Action-Oriented, Personal Growth Beginners

Do you have a few physical wellbeing habits that are sorta, kinda on track, but you know there is so much more you can accomplish if you didn’t keep falling off the wagon and life wasn’t so damn busy! Wellbeing Warriors will open your eyes to how you tick, how to get out of your own way and put good intention into consistent action – with the ease you have always been searching for.

Curious Wellbeing seekers who are ready for more

Is your bookshelf full of self-help books you read, or mean to read, but you never get round to implementing all the good stuff inside? You have a real curiosity about mental health and emotional wellness and are super keen to explore how to leverage the power of your mind to full effect. Wellbeing Warriors will teach you how to lead a fully connected, passion filled, healthy happy life – with supported implementation all the way.

Wellbeing Enthusiasts Who Walk Their Talk

Maybe you are already working in the field of wellness, or you would like to – or you are really nailing many wellbeing habits with ease. Ready to take things to the next level? Wellbeing Warriors will effortlessly enhance your current practices and give a whole new dimension to your continuing development. These tutorials will expand what you thought was possible for your mind and body.

I’m so ready to reprioritise my wellbeing, Louise!

– and why you should join today

We are SO DAMN GOOD at prioritising other people’s health and happiness.

Here’s the thing, ladies. We are really good, like reaaaalllly good at prioritising stuff for other people. Like – Olympic Level good at it. Prioritising time for your boss on that really important project. Sure, I’ll stay and get it done. Finding the money for your kids school trip or music lessons? It’s important, you’ll make it happen no matter what. Extravagant Christmas present for Dad that you know will just thrill him. Done. You’ll make it work somehow. You find, the time, the energy, the cash to make it real for them. Of course you do.

We are SO DAMN GOOD at prioritising other people’s health and happiness.

And…so damn bad at consistently prioritising our own! When it comes to us being healthier or happier – it slips right down that To Do list. It waits for when we have more time. More money. More energy. When that < insert project of your choice! > is done. When we work part time. When the mortgage is paid. Yadayadayada. With our own wellbeing choices – we put them off endlessly. We get into a habit of routinely putting our health and happiness behind everyone else’s.

This is exactly why I created the Wellbeing Warriors Academy.

So that YOU could invest – guilt-free – for around a dollar and a few minutes of your time each day – in a super-focused, super-supportive environment – that gets you results. That makes it easy for YOU to be your OWN priority for once.

So, my lovely: don’t wait for another Monday, another start of the month, another January the 1st – start making your health and wellbeing the priority you know it should be. That you want it to be. 

You don’t need anyone else’s permission to take a small step towards your best health and best life.

Just imagine a healthy habit you wish you had started 30 days ago or 12 months ago. Whatever it is. 10,000 steps daily. Meditating. Being less hard on yourself. Cutting gluten. Learning salsa. Starting crossfit. Whatever. Just imagine how you would feel NOW if you had started that habit back then – and were still doing it easily every day, every week NOW. That it was an easy, effortlessly integrated part of your life, and health. How would that feel? Pretty good, right?

There is a fantastic chinese proverb that says The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The second best time is now .

Everything – from the super low-cost membership to the super easy implementation – everything in the Wellbeing Warriors Academy has been designed to make this an easy choice for every woman who wants a little more for herself to make.

We can’t go back and rewind all those New Year’s Resolutions that didn’t happen. 

But we can go forward and set a whole new future for support and inspiration. And the good news is we can start that today.

The best time is now.

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Sign up in January 2023 and get instant access to the
Beat Blue Monday LIVE Challenge

You have a question or two?
I have answers!

That’s cool: you can easily cancel your subscription with a click, and you will not be billed further, and no hard feelings! You will be removed from the Facebook Group immediately but you will retain access to enjoy the Academy resources right up til the last day of your cancelled billing period. If you do decide to rejoin at a later date we will welcome you back with open arms just remember that it will be at the current price not the one you enjoyed on previous sign up.

If you are not ready to give yourself A Year Of Wellbeing with the annual subscription then we recommend you dip your toes into the Academy with the monthly option. Easy.

Because joining the Academy means you get an instant all-access pass to everything inside (over $20,000 of value) I do not offer refunds. Just like Netflix – if it’s not for you, that’s coolio – simply cancel your subscription when you make that decision. By joining the Academy you are getting access to my life’s work and with all the incredible 50+ modules, resources, tutorials, 30-day challenges, I can say with absolute confidence I’ve made it as smart and elegant as possible for you to uplevel your wellbeing with absolute ease and the minimum of time.

You will gain so many insights into yourself from the Academy that change your life for the better that I know I am easily delivering 100x more value than I am charging! If you really don’t want to learn and implement at least some of the life-changing information to improve your health and happiness, inside then I would say, respectfully and with love, you are not ready to join.

I am so glad you asked – this is a great question! Look – I know y’all are busy ladies – and the Wellbeing Warriors Academy is designed with exactly that in mind. You don’t have to do All The Things to get outstanding results from The Academy. I get it – sometimes – life just gets in the way, you might need to skip a challenge or even a whole module – do not stress about this. It will be waiting for you whenever you are ready in the library.

Each module is carefully crafted to stand-alone – so if you miss one, you can circle back to it whenever you are ready. You have access to every resource and module for as long as you are a member. All the LIVE’s are saved, the Q & A sessions – everything. It’s all there for you to refer to whenever you are ready.

What’s really cool about that as well is – when a new situation comes up in your life – say – new promotion, tricky mother-in-law, whatever – you can dip into the perfect module to help you with the exact tools you need to get a great outcome.

The other thing that’s great about the Academy being instant all-access is that you can do the current LIVE module with me, and your fellow Warriors – plus you can dip in and out of any other area you want to upskill on. Maybe reducing perfectionism, or emotional eating, or improving core strength, or energy…it’s all there for you: wellbeing on tap.

The Wellbeing Warriors Academy is designed with exactly that in mind. You don’t have to do All The Things to get outstanding results from The Academy, in fact you will be AMAZED at how small, daily actions add up to massive long-term results.

In terms of time I recommend an hour at the start of each month to dive into with the new module, the worksheet and tutorial, tools and resources – and then 2 minutes a day implementation time with the daily challenge. You can do more if you like (or course! And there are over fifty courses in there for you to check out when you are ready) but to get significant progress all you need to factor in is an hour at the start of the month and 2 minutes a day.

We are about wellbeing that works, and that’s about low-hassle, high-effectiveness. It’s elegantly designed especially for busy women (because I am one myself!). I don’t want some 19 step plan I am never going to implement – and you don’t want that either!

This is exactly why I created the Wellbeing Warriors Academy – my waitlist for individual coaching got SO long (well over 12 months) that I wanted to be able to help WAY more women with a group coaching forum. It’s so effective coaching together – and in the Q & A each month I answer EVERY question personally – we chat 🙂

Working with me one-one-one starts at $5,000 so daily group coaching for a dollar a day – is unbelievable value. When slots come up for coaching with me 1-2-1 they are released to the Wellbeing Warriors Academy members FIRST because they are the most fun and most ready women to work with on the planet!

Yep and yep! The Wellbeing Warriors Academy is really elegant and easy to access, and all your resources are right there for you to click and play. The Daily Challenges are in the private Members-Only Facebook Group so that’s super easy too.

I have an amazing team of Customer Support Elves who take care of the tech and customer service – whatever you need along the way they are there to support you.

The daily bite-sized challenges are in the private Members-Only Facebook Group and they are an important part of your progress and implementation. You will be amazed at how 2 minutes focus a day creates huge results by the end of each month.

All the challenges are organised into Learning Units in Facebook so you can easily go back to past challenges, and live sessions to catch up or to revisit teaching points. The members community in the group so vibrant and supportive learning and implementation is massively accelerated when done together. You can comment as much or as little as you like, many members have a private journal rather than commenting in the threads. That’s all good – however works best for your learning style.

We do have a number of members who are not “on Facebook” for anything other than the Wellbeing Warriors Academy. They created a Facebook profile (only takes a minute) exclusively to be able to use the Wellbeing Warriors Academy group – so you don’t have to get sucked into the world of Facebook if you don’t want to!

As a proud dual-citizen (and lifetime global nomad!) of New Zealand and the UK, I launched Wellbeing Warriors whilst I was living in Auckland (for 13 wonderful years, and now for a month or two each year) – and so it was set up in New Zealand Dollars. 

This year, we have proudly and officially launched Wellbeing Warriors in the UK, so you now have the option to also purchase in GBP!

What a thoughtful darling you are! Yes you can – and it’s a lovely thing to do together. We have many sisters, mums and daughters, aunties and nieces, and BFF’s in the Academy together. It’s super fun as you get to have this shared language, progress and experience. You can gift a membership by emailing support@louisethompson.com

Join the Wellbeing Warriors Academy today!


£449 GBP

Annual Payment


£39 GBP

Monthly Installments

Louise working on her laptop with coffee in hand

We can’t go back and rewind all those New Year’s Resolutions that didn’t happen.

But we can go forward and set a whole new future for support and inspiration, and the good news is...
we can start that today.

Create a life you love
and a body you love living in

Don't forget!...

Grab your printable
worth $27… for free!

This 23-page
is for constructive,
guided reflection
so you come out of
tricky times stronger
than you went in!
My gift to you.

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