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Open Letter To All The Beautiful Women Out There Who Are Doing Their Best

Open Letter To All The Beautiful Women Out There Who Are Doing Their BestDear beautiful laydeez – and by that I mean all of you! We are all beautiful in our own unique way. Yes darling, even, and especially, YOU.

I want to say this: let’s end the madness! The Great Female Judgment Madness MerryGoRound. This is what I see in my seminars, events, and coaching room. I see:

  • Working Mothers feeling like they are falling short because they are not spending enough time doing the mothering thing.
  • Stay At Home Mothers feeling like they are inadequate on some level because they are not doing the working thing and financially contributing.
  • No Kids (yet, or ever) Women feeling like they are failing somehow for working and not having (or being able to have) kids and be part of the traditional thing.


Enough already.

All this crazy JUDGING of our perceived failings and inadequacies needs to stop!

There is another way. We need to stop doing this to ourselves and to each other. The two are directly correlated. The harder we are on each other, the harder we are on ourselves.  And I see that women seem to do it a lot more than men. There is much more of a culture of judgment in the sisterhood than outside it. When did we get so hard on ourselves and each other? Men do not seem to judge each other or themselves anywhere near as often or as harshly. When was the last time you heard a male executive interviewed and asked how he manages to “balance family responsibilities with the job?” Exactly.

Here is the thing about endlessly passing judgment and coming up wanting on our choices:

It makes us forget that the only thing we “have” to do is breathe. Everything after that is a choice. EVERYTHING. Hard choices sometimes, I am not denying that, but a choice nonetheless. A choice to work or not work. A choice to have an income of one level or another. To have kids or not. More kids or not. We need to just choose it. Whatever makes the most sense for our personal situation and then be all there with it. Choose it then STOP JUDGING IT! Just be all there with it. Own that choice fully and unapologetically.

Whilst we are at it let’s stop with the judging of each other’s choices shall we? We are all busy with multiple responsibilities. Every other woman out there is facing a host of choices we know nothing about. She’s made the best choice for her – who are we, really, to be judging that?

In stopping judging each other’s choices so harshly perhaps we can stop judging our own with such weight. If we can extend compassion to the next woman with her life choices perhaps we can extend that compassion to ourselves and stop giving ourselves such a bloody hard time! If we can cut our sister some slack then we can do the same for yours truly.


It’s that simple.

Let’s be OKAY with that. Lets stop the crazy self and other women judgment that finds us all so wanting and guilty as charged. Don’t even get me started on the how long to breastfeed v’s formula thing. Or the body shape thing. Or the natural birth v’s c-section competitive rivalry I hear about. For chrissakes. Enough already!

We are all just doing the best we can with what we have. The awareness we have at that point. The things we have personally learned up to that point. We are always doing what we think is the best choice given the circumstances as we perceive them. That’s all we need to know. We do what we know until we know better. The late great Maya Angelou said it perfectly:

“Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.” – Maya Angelou

So, until you know better, choose your best option then stop apologising for it and judging yourself for it. Just be all there with it. If you already know better, awesome, choose a new thing. Don’t apologise or judge yourself for it. Own it. Be all there with it. Til you know better. Rinse and Repeat. Life is one long string of lessons in a never ending sequence. It’s never done. There is never a perfect choice. It’s always evolving. We are always evolving. We are always doing our best with what we have at the time.

Judging – by it’s very nature – is a process that will find someone guilty. Lets stop with that shizzle all together. Incessant judging finds us guilty of imaginary crimes. It finds others guilty too. It creates a cycle of guilt and creates an illusion of feeling stuck and trapped in our situations when the truth is we are not.

What can we do INSTEAD of compulsive judging? Good question. Radical answer. We could be compassionate. We could be kind. We could evaluate each situation we meet with compassion rather than judgment. The Dalai Lama says “Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible”. 

Being kind to ourselves. Being kind to our sisters. Meeting ourselves with compassion. Let our internal dialogue be one of kindness. Lets try it. Just for one day. Let go of our own guilt and inadequacy and let everyone else let go of theirs. Stop with the incessant judgment.

We are all doing the best we can. And that’s more than good enough! Be kind to your precious self. Be happy.

positive balance, Louise Thompson, wellbeing, life coach,

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How To Stop Worrying About What Other People Think Of Your Decisions

beautiful female friends in summer cafeI can’t begin to tell you how much stress we cause ourselves by worrying what “everybody” will think if we quit the shiny looking job that sucks our soul/leave the boyfriend who ticks all the boxes but just isn’t quite right/bring store bought cakes to the school fair/order takeout for the dinner party/don’t catch up with that friend we have known since school.

Here’s the thing.

Life is full of millions of tiny decisions.

Worrying about what other people think of those decisions is a waste of mental and emotional energy.

Firstly, most of the time people don’t even NOTICE what we have chosen.

Many of the wonderful women at my Food For Thought seminars were eating when they were not hungry because they were worried about the hostess feeling offended that they hadn’t cleared their plate/taken advantage of their award winning pav.

I got them to try and experiment. To leave food on their plate once they were satisfied. But to say “thanks so much, that was delicious”.  To be big and brave and be ready to face the wrath of the hostess.

Guess what. No wrath. Not once. Not one person. “No-one noticed! No-one said ANYTHING!!!” they all said in unison, shocked the next week. No-one thought they were rude. No-one even noticed.

Basically, because our actions are the centre of our own sunshiney universe we assume they are getting the same level of attention from everyone else. NOT SO. 99% of the time people are not just not CARING about the decisions you make, they are not even NOTICING them.

This is especially important to know with small decisions. Truly. NO-ONE REALLY CARES WHAT YOU ARE CHOOSING! THEY DON’T NOTICE AND THEY DON’T CARE! Choose away. Decide at liberty. The scrutiny you are imagining is exactly that. Imaginary.

Here’s the other thing. And the main thing. The thing for big important decisions.


And that’s the truth. If you feel completely passionately in your heart that this course of action is absolutely right for you. That you can feel it in your bones. You know it. You want it. It’s what you are doing. Then the less you need anyone else to agree or approve.

Putting our own mental and emotional energy into getting clarity on our own approval is far more rewarding than pouring it into seeking others.

If you love what you have chosen. If it feels completely right to you, the less you need anyone else to concur. Of course it’s lovely if they do. And of course that’s the ideal. And of course some support along the way would be most welcome. But don’t not do the thing that you know is the right choice for you because “everyone” isn’t in agreement.

The more you love your choice the less you need other people to.

What will make you love your choice more? Put your energy there. Whether it’s doing more research. Or hanging with people who have chosen that course of action before you.  Or doing your yoga practice to feel centred and calm in your decision. Put your energy into your own surety.

We generally want to convince other people when we are actually unsure ourselves. By convincing them we also want to convince ourselves.

That’s’ a risky policy depending on your audience!

Put the energy towards your own clarity, not others’ conviction.

The more you love your choice the less you need other people to.

And, the irony is, of course, that once you are committed and sure, the people you care about will more than likely support you anyway. The powerful energy of your passion and surety will shine through and draw them with you.

positive balance, Louise Thompson, wellbeing, life coach,


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How to Declutter The Most Important Space Of All

How to Declutter The Most Important Space Of All Loving hearing all the fabulous feedback on our Decluttering Series. It just shows you don’t have to be lazy and wait for New Year to make change. You can shift how you feel RIGHT NOW! These are the things you have been telling me as you chuck stuff away:

  • I feel LIGHTER!
  • It feels FREEING!
  • It feels GOOD!
  • My MIND feels so much CLEARER!

Letting go of stuff that is holding us back (that we often don’t even realise is holding us back!) is an amazing process. There will be an internal mirroring of the process you are undertaking outside. You will be simultaneously getting rid of:

  • Old negative thought patterns
  • Unhelpful outdated beliefs
  • Painful memories that make you angry or sad or scared

Some of these internal blockages will start to subtly change and release their grip on you because of your external decluttering process. It’s a personal growth by stealth.  As you throw things out of your physical space you are also creating mental and emotional space in your head and your heart. So if you are “feeling stuck” in any area of your life you should absolutely be following this process, it will help in ways you can’t anticipate!

So…what’s the next step?

So far we have covered:

#1 – Declutter your Living Space

#2  – Declutter your Digital Space

#3  – Declutter your Wardrobe/Closet – your Identity Space

and now…very important…last but certainly not least…

#4 – Declutter your Internal Space – your BODY

So: Decluttering your internal space. Your body. The Moving Temple of your Soul. How do we do THAT?!

Giving our body a spring clean is really important. We can get stuck in habits that do not serve our body, sometimes for years. If our body is not functioning at optimum then it’s hard to make life function at optimum either. As you know I suffered a huge health crisis with Adrenal Fatigue some years back that led to me being bedridden for many months. I can assure you from first hand experience NOTHING matters more than your body when you find you have lost your health. All the things I thought were important to get done, or see, or do, or be…it turned out that they were way less important than looking after my health when it came down to it. I had got into a lot of bad habits that undermined my body. I so wish I had taken a pause. A chance, like this one, to stop, and spring clean. To look at what was working for me and what was not serving my health. To make change BEFORE a health crisis hit rather than after.

Now I regularly spring clean my body. Here are three things I do every day:

  • I drink a green juice daily
  • I move my body daily
  • I eat within my body’s natural hunger and safety signals daily

None of these things take up a huge amount of time. But they are a clean slate I renew daily in my commitment to my health and vitality levels.

Before you say you “don’t have enough time” (do I know you or what?!), just have a closer look at these examples:

  • I drink a green juice daily – time taken – NO extra time from having a glass of water that I would have had anyway. I use PHD juices that are already pre-prepared. Lazy? Yes! Does it mean I actually do it? Also yes. Time investment – zero.
  • I move my body daily. Okay, so some days that might be an organized class – yoga, Crossfit, or a run. That might take an hour. Or I might do twenty minutes yoga on my own. That still counts. Or I might walk up to the sushi shop rather than taking the car. That still counts. It might be dancing madly whilst I clean the house. That counts. It doesn’t have to look like “exercise”, it’s moving my body in whatever way my schedule allows that day. Time investment  – 20 minutes on a busy day. More on a quieter day. That’s a tiny time investment for huge benefits.
  • I eat within my body’s natural hunger and safety signals daily. I don’t overeat. So I don’t get fat. I pay attention to my body. Those of you who came to the ahhhhhmazing profoundly life changing Food For Thought seminars know what I am talking about! It actually takes LESS time to honour my body’s natural hunger rhythms than to overeat. It takes less time because I stop eating SOONER! It’s a time SAVING! Plus I don’t spend hours hating myself afterwards. Again, time saved.

So don’t get caught up in “I don’t have time” to declutter bad habits from the way you treat my body. It’s really not true, and it keeps you trapped in old clutter of treating your body with less respect than you know it deserves.

So: keep it simple. 3 of each maximum to get started on your Body Spring Clean. You can always do another round of spring cleaning later when you have these habits bedded in. For now start with just one, or choose up to three.

Complete below:

I want to spring clean my body, by STOPPING the following habits. I want to LET GO of dishonouring my body in this way. eg. Overeating. Staying up too late.





I want to continue this Body Spring Clean by embracing the following daily/weekly habits to honour my body and have it function at its best:





The time to start it is NOW sugarplum! Don’t wait for New Year. Start right now. Today. Hit January in better shape feeling clear and full of energy. Clear the decks: and start 2015 with body that is clean and clear. Take that wonderful decluttering energy you have liberated from your spick and span house, inbox and closet and pour it into cleaning up the thing that matters most. Your gorgeous bod.

positive balance, Louise Thompson, wellbeing, life coach,

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Imaginary Friends Imaginary Enemies

I’ve been looking after a friend’s little girl, Amelia, she’s a very cute 4 and a quarter. And she has an imaginary friend, also aged 4 and a quarter, called Dotty. Dotty is a bit of a loose cannon if truth be told. She spills yogurt. On my sofa. Also she is very slow to tidy up her toys. She appears to need a whole seat in the back of the car to herself no matter how much shopping there is. It’s fair to say Dotty is a little high maintenance.

Studies have shown that over half of children between the ages of 3 and 7 have an imaginary friend, and that it’s no cause for alarm whatsoever. It’s a way for the child to develop their imagination, an involved form of pretend play. Imaginary friends can help children to cope with fears, explore ideas, or gain a sense of competence through taking care of the imaginary friend. At a more day to day level, children with imaginary friends sometimes blame them for misbehavior in an attempt to avoid parental displeasure. Clever! “It’s wasn’t me: it was Dotty!” That would explain the yogurt in the hair then.

It was cute watching Amelia have her tea party with Dotty. So much chatter. Her imaginary friend, always there to hang out with an offer comfort and companionship. It’s a happy relationship.

It got me to thinking. We don’t do this as adults of course. We don’t have imaginary friends, do we? Jeez, it’s hard enough keeping up with all our real friends, right?! But, whilst we don’t have imaginary friends, I do think that many adults secretly have ongoing relationships with imaginary enemies.

I think we adults do a reeeealy good line in imaginary enemies.

That feeling that you are not quite good enough.

Imaginary enemy.

Or that you don’t quite measure up.

Imaginary enemy.

Or that you will be found out in some way.

Imaginary enemy.

Or that everyone else has it all figured out and you don’t.

Imaginary enemy.

And that everyone else SO has their shit together but you don’t.

Imaginary enemy.

That you are not quite smart/pretty/thin/successful enough?

Imaginary enemy.

Our imaginary enemy whispers disempowering messages that if we listen, suck a little bit of joy out of each day, EVEN THOUGH THEY ARE COMPLETELY IMAGINARY.

That’s imaginary as in NOT. REAL.

Those voices, not real. Those whispers of not good enough. Not doing enough. Not being enough. Not having enough.

Not. Real. Just your imaginary enemy.

You do enough. You have enough. You are enough.

Just as you are.

A child has an imaginary friend for comfort and company. Believing in it is a positive force for good. However we can SO CLEARLY see that the imaginary friend is exactly that, not real, imaginary.

Interestingly when we have an imaginary enemy it creates confusion and doubt, not comfort and company. We also have trouble seeing it as not real. We think that whisper of doubt and negativity is real. That it comes from us. That it might be truth.

It is no more real than Dotty’s place at the tea party. If Amelia treats Dotty as real she gains the pleasure and joy inherent in that interaction. Even though Dotty is imaginary.

If we treat that insidious imaginary enemy voice as real, we gain the inherent fears and doubts from that interaction. Even though they are imaginary.

Always check for evidence.

Is there any real evidence for you not being good enough?

Any real evidence that you are not enough?

Any real evidence that people don’t really love or rate you?

The vast majority of the time when we dig a little deeper we find NO evidence at all. Just the whispers of the Imaginary Enemy. We have a choice whether we treat this voice as real or not. Whether we encourage that negative chatter or not. Whether we choose to put our focus on the things that are real that we actually have evidence for instead. We should always question rather than accept our imaginary enemy.

We can choose to put our focus on real. We can choose to stop believing in the imaginary enemy, keep it real and positive, and become our own best friend instead.

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Are You Too Busy For Your Body?

Okay so here’s the thing, and I can say all this woowoo stuff with confidence because I am, after all, a yoga teacher: The body is the moving temple of the soul.

That makes it pretttttttttty important. Now I know getting the marketing report to the CEO by COB is also important but is it more important than the Temple of your Soul?

I learned this one the hard way: I put everything before the needs of my body. My work, my bosses work (she was not nicknamed ‘The Delegator” for nothing) making sure the house was tidy, making sure all my 50+ staff were happy and productive, keeping on top of all my email, going out and socializing even when I was dog tired because I didn’t want to let anyone down, running my own business on the side, and teaching in the evenings after a full day in the office. The Pre-Body To Do list was mighty long. Down there somewhere at item 342 was ‘exercise’ right after items 341 and 340 ‘look after self’ and ‘rest’.  The upshot of this madness was that I eventually ended up with severe Adrenal Fatigue and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and was bedridden for a number of months and sick for well over a year.

Whilst I was bedridden I had a lot of time to ponder the error of my ways. I had clearly neglected my Moving Temple of the Soul and it was letting me know in the clearest possible terms. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome= bitch slap from MTotS.

So, what I realized was this. My body (AKA, Moving Temple of the Soul) needed to be Number #1 on my To Do list, because without it I had nothing. Being bedridden is no joke: I couldn’t even shower or dress myself for a few months there. It was a dark time. And yet I can see quite clearly that all the millions of tiny choices I had made the years before to prioritise everything else before my body had led me to that place. The great irony being of course that now I couldn’t do anything for anyone including myself. I had nothing to give because I had neglected to give to myself first.

This was a big error. And the bottom line is that EVERYTHING else can wait. It’s the classic scenario of putting on your own oxygen mask before you help your children: if you don’t take care of you first then you may not be in any condition to later take care of the people and things you care about.

Learning that President Obama exercises every day (45minutes minimum) was a real penny dropping moment for me. How on earth could I think I was too busy to look after my body and find time to exercise? Sure I had a demanding senior level executive job and my own business to run but was I actually saying I was busier than the leader of the western free world? Kind of embarrassing right?! So right there you have it: the next time you think you are too busy to commit to that weekly yoga class, go for that swim or play ball with the kids ask yourself: Am I busier than Barack Obama? If you are not then lets face it you have the time to go to class or the game. You owe it to yourself, your family and to your Moving Temple of the Soul.

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Why You Should Recharge Your Battery On The Go

Why You Should Recharge Your Battery On The GoThe inimitable Arianna Huffington was in New Zealand last week. Founder of The Huffington Post, and listed as the 52nd most powerful woman in the world by Forbes, to say I was excited is an understatement.

Arianna has fascinated me. Not only has is she a media and political heavyweight, what appeals to me most is that she has shouted loud about the bottom line value of wellbeing in big business. That we have a personal and corporate responsibility to take care of our wellbeing. Her bestselling book “Thrive” documents her journey from collapse from fatigue back to wellness. There are so many parallels with what I write about here, and my own book “The Busy Woman’s Guide to High Energy Happiness” about my journey from collapse from fatigue back to wellness I couldn’t wait to hear her speak.

She did not disappoint. She was radiant and spoke with real power.

I’m going to share my favourite analogy from her speech as it resonates so strongly with what we talk about here at Wellbeing Wednesday.

She said this:

“We are taking care of our smart phones better than we are taking care of ourselves”.

She has a point.

Why You Should Recharge Your Battery On The GoYou know how it is, when you notice the battery on your phone is running down, oh my god, I’ve only got 12% battery left! It’s actually an almost panicky feeling. I know I am not alone in asking a café to recharge my phone, or being at a meeting and charging it mid-meeting. ONLY TWELVE FREAKING PERCENT BATTERY LEFT?!! What will I do? Must charge that phone. Immediately!

However. The day I collapsed at work from extreme fatigue, never to return, I was down to, what 3% of my body’s battery? But I had never stopped and prioritised recharging it. I just sort of assumed my own personal battery was infinitely recharging. Like I am sort of one woman Duracell Bunny.

Stupid, right?

We check and look at our phone battery life all the time. We get it charged if it’s running low. That’s important goddamit! Can’t be without our phone.

How often do we check in and look at the level of our own body’s battery? Nowhere near as often.

I think we have our priorities a little bit messed up.

Arianna is right.

“We are taking care of our smart phones better than we are taking care of ourselves”.

So, stop. Right now. RIGHT NOW! What does your own personal battery readout say? Are you at 80% or 45% or 12% of vitality, energy and wellbeing?

Scan your body and find out.

If it needs charging, then, do what you would do with your phone. Charge it up. We need a high charge so power through life and attend to what is important to us.

Here’s a great new habit to commit to. Check in with your own personal battery level each time you check your phone charge. If it’s running low give it a quick boost with a walk round the block. A chat with a friend. Five minutes quiet time. Going to bed early. Ditching the coffee for a peppermint tea. Little recharging pit stops that keep your battery topped up.

Take care of yourself better than your smartphone.

There is only one of you. You are far less easy to replace.

Louise Thompson

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Not Getting What You Want in Life? Here’s Why.

Here’s an interesting thing. We are often not getting what we want. We may not be getting the money we feel we deserve. Or the amount of love and affection we want. Or the recognition we want. Or the help and support we need.

Not getting what we want is kinda part of the human condition.

What can we do about it?

Mostly what we do about it is have a nice big fat moan, right?!

“My boss just doesn’t appreciate me like he should” “My husband should support me more around the house” “My mother is never loving towards me” “My friend is never really interested in what I am doing, she never asks”.

Venting feels good.

It also keeps us focused on what we are NOT getting. The LACK or absence of the thing that we want.

Which doesn’t make much of a difference. If any. The situation will generally just perpetuate. We remain unloved. Disrespected. Undervalued. Unsupported. Whatever.

Here’s the thing. We can’t change other people’s to give us what we want. We are not in direct control of that.

But, what we ARE in control of is ourselves. And what makes a powerful difference in these situations is to turn the question around. Instead of looking at what we are not getting, look at what we ARE in control of – and that is what we are GIVING.

Now I know when you feel hard done by the last thing you want to do is give MORE. I totally get that. And that’s not exactly what I mean. Dig a little deeper.

“If you are not happy with what you are getting –
have a good think about what you are giving”


When I asked Janelle, who was feeling very pissed off with her husband for not supporting her fledgling business, when was the last time she had demonstrated her support for his work she drew a blank. She couldn’t even remember the last time she had even asked him about his work she was so wrapped up in her new project! She was expecting him to do something for her she wasn’t prepared to do in return. She was in fact getting exactly what she was giving. Nothing.

When Polly was seething about her ex-husband continually disrespecting their longstanding childcare arrangements, I asked when she had last demonstrated respect for herself and restated her boundaries clearly, calmly and firmly, detailing the consequences of crossing those boundaries – she hadn’t. She was asking him to give her more respect for her boundaries than she was demonstrating to herself. She wanted him to respect what she wasn’t even prepared respect herself enough to voice.

Caron was fuming that her husband made a comment about how she looked in a particular outfit. When she looked at what she was actually giving in terms of respect to looking after body and being appreciative of her own body she was hard pressed to answer with any positives at all. She was asking him to love something she was repeatedly being saying and thinking was unworthy of love. She wanted him to give her something that was the exact opposite of what she was giving out.

Here’s the thing. We get back what we give. If we disrespect our own boundaries we should be less surprised that others disrespect them too. If we do not love and appreciate our body we make it harder for others to do so. If we are always looking at how much money we DON’T have and give out that message of “not enough” then we are going to GET a feeling AND a reality of not enough money.

This awareness is a GOOD thing. Because all of this is in our own hands! We have the power to change up the dynamic, and when we change what we give out we will get something different in return. To paraphrase the great Rolling Stones…You can’t always get what you want. But if you try sometimes (and look at what you are giving not just at what you are not getting) you might just find, you get what you need.


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What To Do When You Are Feeling Stuck Or Trapped

What to do when you are feeling stuck or trappedSometimes we feel really, really stuck in a situation. Stuck in a relationship. Stuck in a job. Stuck financially. Whichever way we look we seem trapped and that’s highly stress inducing.

In times of stress we hear of the “Fight or Flight” response. Everyone has heard of that. But there is actually a third “F”. The human body and psyche actually has 3 responses to stress…Fight. Flight. And…wait for it…..Freeze. When faced with stress where we feel too scared to fight and stand up for ourselves (“Do not speak to me in that manner, it is not okay for me”) or life is too complicated, obligated or constrained for flight (“I hate this job and I am out of here”) we default to the third F. We freeze. We stay stuck in the sucky job, relationship, finances, health, living situation. Believing that we are stuck is really unhelpful because it creates inertia. The force of NON-movement. Stuckness.

Feeling stuck sucks. Really sucks. It sucks our energy. Our mojo. Our motivation. And our ability to get ourselves out of the situation. It feels miserable and soul destroying. Also, we kid ourselves that we are just delaying making a decision. Just taking our time. Whilst we wait for it to magically, please God, all work itself out and for us to get miraculously unstuck!

Here’s the thing: not making a decision IS MAKING A DECISION. It’s making a decision to stay stuck and wait for The Universe or Some One Else to magically unstick you.

You can do much better than that honeychild! To get unstuck you can use the following used and approved unsticking questions:

1. Do I have a problem or a fact? I have written about this before and it’s a really important thing to get clear on. If you are wrestling with what is actually a fact (Granny has died. Little Johnny did not get into the grammar school. Your business partner is moving to Germany) but are thinking it’s a problem you can solve then you are going to be stressed for a very long time indeed. All you can do with a fact is ACCEPT it, and then look at the best way for you to move forward based on that fact.

If you have a problem (The incentive structure is not paying out properly. Your sister won’t babysit anymore. The car has broken down), then by definition if it’s a problem it also has a solution. You just need to figure it out what that solution is. If it has a solution you are not stuck.

2. What possible options or choices do you have? This is an interesting one as there very well may not be obvious or “good” choice as otherwise you would have taken it already. The likelihood is you are faced with several shitty choices. Sometimes that is just life. It doesn’t mean you are stuck. It just means you have some tough decision making ahead.

Probably you have the choice between Hard And Scary Choice A and Slightly Less Shit Choice B and Remain In Sucky Stuckness Choice C. They may be shitty hard choices, that will be difficult to say and action, but they are still choices. I find it really helps to list them out on paper. Get it down in black and white, it really helps you to move through the stuckness.

3. What other perspectives are there on this issue? Can someone else see a solution? Ask a good friend and confidant or a coach like me and get an objective opinion. Be open to an objective opinion and approach it with an open mind: someone else may be able to see something you are missing.

4. Powerful Destuckifying Questions: when we are mired in the mud of stuckness it’s also a really illuminating time to ask ourselves:

  • What hard thing am I actually avoiding doing?
  • What hard truth am I actually avoiding knowing?

The answers are highly likely to explain why you have unconsciously opted for “Freeze”. They will also show you the route to freedom. Your gut instinct and inner knowing will have wisdom for you here so be open to hearing it however hard it may be.

At the end of the day the truth is this: you are not stuck. Sometimes life is just tricky, but you are not stuck. Keep moving forward honey child.

Louise Thompson

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7 Inspirational Quotes To Help You Through Tough Times

large_2ea0b4f47225c04dba62330221b6c76aSometimes life hits us up with a shit sandwich. Through no fault of our own we can get smacked upside the head and left reeling. I find quotes a helpful tool at a time life this, having one strong message to hang onto as I am scrambling helps me get my feet planted a little firmer, faster. It lifts me up to start dealing with what I can control and use to move forward. Here are some of my Go To quotes for various common shit-stormy situations.

Top tip before we get into them: make the quote that resonates the most highly with you your screen saver on your PC/laptop. It’s a great way to keep it top of mind and to repeatedly retrain your brain back to the positive and to what you can control. Just head into the “settings” menu and you will be able to find a way to save it as your desktop or screensaver.

Here we go:

For When Someone Is Trying To Screw You Over

“Don’t mistake my kindness for weakness. I am kind to everyone, but when someone is unkind to me, weak is not what you are going to remember about me” – Al Capone

For When Life Is Not Turning Out As You Expected

“She is clothed in strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future” – Proverbs 31.25

For When Your Heart Is Broken

“Never love anybody who treats you like you are ordinary” – Oscar Wilde

For When You Hit Rock Bottom

“Rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I built my life” – J.K. Rowling

For When You Feel Stuck And Nothing Is Working

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old but on building the new” – Socrates

For When You Are Scared Of What Might Happen

“Fear and Faith both demand you believe in something you cannot see. You choose” – Bob Proctor

For When You Need To Find Inner Strength and Push On Through

“Above all, be the heroine of your life, not the victim” – Nora Ephron


Which ones stand out for you? I’d love to hear your favourite quotes…list them in the comments section below!

Louise Thompson

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The #1 Fear That Blocks You From Living Your Life’s Purpose

The #1 Fear That Blocks You From Living Your Life’s PurposeSo many different scenarios of living life of purpose, but always the same underlying reason. Do any of these ring a bell with you?

  • The middle manager who really wants to be a nutritionist but is scared it won’t work out and they can’t make money.
  • The gorgeous girl who has been unlucky in love and is reluctant to get into online dating, or, who does it but then cancels the dates at the last minute.
  • The busy mum who wants to get fit but can’t get a consistent exercise programme going.
  • The new lawyer who graduated with hard won degree but it absolutely loathing dragging themselves in to the law office each day, but slapping on a brave game face.
  • The Dad who loves his family but hates his job, yet can’t leave because he is the breadwinner.
  • The girl who wants to travel and do her OE but has no one to go with so doesn’t book it and never goes.
  • The girl who does the part time training in massage and wants to make a living out of it, but is too scared to make the leap.
  • The spouse who is desperately unhappy but can’t have the conversation to either improve or leave the marriage.

It’s so easy for us to “get by”, day after day. Not truly connected with what makes us happy and fulfilling our life’s purpose. And then the next day, and the next day after that. And before we know it years have gone by in the “it’s okay” zone, but the amount of time we feel truly connected, alive and at peace is next to nothing.


The number one reason I see people holding themselves back is a fear that on some level they won’t be “good enough”.

  • Not good enough to make a new business in the wellbeing field make enough money and be successful enough to support a good lifestyle.
  • Not good enough to trust that there is a loving and respectful partner out there who will make her soul sing. Not good enough to be loved completely and be loved in return. That that is something for other people.
  • Not good enough to put herself and the needs of her body first sometimes, that that will mean she is a not good enough mum, that she is selfish.
  • Not good enough to pack in the shiny yet unfulfilling career path and do something that the family might not approve of. Not good enough to stand up to the inevitable familial pressure.
  • Not good enough to make the break and create a career change that is bold yet pragmatic. Not good enough to make the leap.
  • Not good enough to make friends along the trail. What if people don’t like me? What if I never meet anyone?
  • Not good enough to do the non traditional thing. That’s for other people, the brave ones who are good enough. More talented. More special.
  • Not good enough to make a stand and stick to it. Not good enough to live my own and make an independent life. I’ll never make it work.

Not good enough is a universal fear. It’s also a universal lie. And believing it keeps us playing small in the world. It dashes countless hopes and dreams. It’s an all pervasive, silent assassin of living our life’s purpose.

When you look around at people who are living their life’s mission, what do you see? You see that they do feel good enough to give it a go. To back themselves. To trust that when they are honouring the messages of their soul that things will work out. That they have the courage, resilience and passion to over come any obstacle.

People that are living their life’s purpose don’t wait to feel good enough to make it happen. They know that that feeling comes from the action of leaping towards their passion.

Because – here’s the thing.

You are ALREADY good enough.

Good Enough is an impossible standard to define. When you think about it, what does it even MEAN? Define for me someone who is good enough? Hard right? We are all imperfectly imperfect. No-one, and everyone, is already good enough.

If we wait to feel good enough on some level before summoning the courage to live the life we know we are meant to live, we will be waiting a very long time. We have to take action before we feel good enough, in the knowledge that the truth is we are already more than good enough to handle whatever comes up.

Courage is not the absence of fear. Courage is proceeding with your soul’s calling DESPITE the fear.

You are ALREADY good enough. You can do this.

Louise Thompson

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