Theme Song

Super Simple 3 Step Process To Make Sure You Have Your Best Year Yet

Theme Song

When I say give me the theme tune of Batman – what immediately comes into your head?


Right? Of, course it does. Otherwise you would not have been living on planet earth these last decades.

And what do we get when we hear that refrain? We know whenever we hear that signature tune we are getting a Superhero, fighting (ultimately triumphantly of course), against the forces of evil. Yeah!

The theme tune is a shorthand auditory code for the qualities and characteristics of The Dark Knight. Easily recognisable.

So many examples of these instantly recognisable theme tunes. They get stuck in our heads, and our collective psyche. They instantly telegraph the qualities we can expect to see displayed on our screen. In fact the theme tune gets us warmed up, gets us anticipating the tried and true formula to come.

Think of a few more;

Mash…the bittersweet blend of life and humour on the edge of death – you cannot hear “..Suicide is painless..” and NOT think of Hawkeye’s high jinx blended with the severity and seriousness of the Vietnam War.

The A Team – drumroll…Da dah DAH! Dah dah Dah – Dad de de de DAH! A real childhood favourite of mine – the second that theme tune came on, me and my brother would race in to sit down with our Dad to watch Hannibal, Face, Murdoch and Mr. T make a car out of a baked bean can and save someone from some dastardly plan with a mix of cunning, front, crazy and brute force. It was an un-missable highlight of our week, and a sweet sweet childhood memory (And I am sure a real relief for Mum to get half an hours peace in the kitchen as we were glued tight to the big old telly). I only have to hear Da Da DAH! And I am right back there.

Okay – I could go on, of course. I am sure you have some favourite evocative theme tunes of your own as I’ve led us down memory lane here. (Doctor Who! Miami Vice! Dallas! Fame! Sorry – I don’t know why I am stuck in the 1980’s with this – of course this could equally apply to MadMen, or Downton Abbey) The point I want to make is that in our minds the Theme Tune becomes inextricably linked with a set of qualities. Na Na Na Na literally equals Super Hero To The Rescue!

So what can we take from this? What’s my teaching point today?
Well – to have your best year on purpose bring a laser like focus to your year by choosing a theme tune for the year – something that embodies the qualities you want to bring to bear this year.

For example – I have A LOT I want to achieve this year, and I fully intend not to be stressed about it – but to enjoy the process of creating it all! 2016 I want to be characterised by Ease and Flow. And FUN – I get to work with amazing beautiful humans, my Happiness Hacking clients, my yoga students, my incredible tribe of Wellbeing Warriors, – its FUN! I’m blessed. Even though I know there will be a few curveballs along the way I know there won’t be anything I truly can’t handle. So – I literally don’t want to worry about a thing. I know it’s all going to work out just beautifully. I want to enjoy it all, however busy. I want to be in ease, and flow, have fun, and to do that I don’t want to worry about a thing.
So – this is my theme for the year: Madcon – “Don’t Worry” feat. Ray Dalton

If I’m getting stressed out – I just whack on this Theme Tune for the year:

Worry and stress gone! I’m reconnected to Ease and Flow and Fun. Just like that.

That song SYMBOLISES Ease, Flow and Fun (to me).

Just playing it reconnects me to what I really want.

And the knowledge that I can bring those qualities to bear in any situation I choose if I really want to.

So when I feel like that? Well then I MAKE A CHOICE from Ease Flow and Fun.

And life is on track.

What would Ease, Flow and Fun do right now?

Stressed about workload? Ease, Flow and Fun might turn down that opportunity because it feels like overload. Great – do that.

Feeling like my inbox is never ending? Ease Flow and Fun say go put your boxing gloves on and go to class. That feels like Fun. Come back, and power through the inbox from a complexly different level of energy and connection. Ease and Flow right there.

Several options for Saturday evening? What feels most like Ease, Flow and Fun? The decision becomes easy to make.

The worry and stress about multiple decisions options melts away, I just choose the one that is most in alignment with what I truly want this year. Ease, Flow and Fun.

If something is not going well – I stop, pause, look at the situation – How can I bring Ease, Flow and Fun to this situation right now?
Stuck in traffic? Make a call to my bestie (hands free obvs.) or crank up the tunes and have a little car dance.

Finding that run a bit hard? Focusing on how grateful I am for each body part as I move, thanking each bit in turn brings back the flow, every time.

Finding a conversation tedious or a queue slow moving – how can I bring ease, flow and fun to this conversation? It might be to leave it. It might be to get over myself and extend a bit of kindness and patience to the person in front of me who might have had a hard day that I know nothing about. Ease, Flow Fun – how do I bring it right now?

If I ever struggle connecting to what Ease, Flow and Fun would do – I just pop on my Theme Tune for the year song – and I’m back in it in an instant.

So simple it might just work? You betcha.

Want to try this technique to keep you aligned an on purpose this year? Its easy, and it’s powerful. Here are three easy steps:

1. Create Your Theme Qualities For The Year

What are three words you would like to symbolise 2016? Mine are ease, flow and fun. What three words sum up the feeling you want to have most of the time as you move through this year?

This year I want to feel _______________, ________________ and ______________.

2. Find a Theme Song that sum this up for you

Head on over to spotify or apple music, or the dusty old CD’s and find a song that embodies those qualities for you.

My Theme Tune for 2016 is _____________________________________

3. When you have a tricky situation or are sad/frustrated/bored/whatever – ask your theme tune what It would do/say in this situation:

Do that! Let go of the guilt and the worry. Choose from your Theme. Bring ease, flow and fun to that situation. Or calm, strength and grace. Or abundance, love and decisiveness. Whatever your themes are. Choose from there.

When you consciously bring yourself back to your themes with each choice you make – your best year will unfold almost effortlessly.

Try it, and see.

Oh – and Don’t Worry ‘Bout A Thing

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