Is Yoga For You? The 6 Questions You Need To Ask Yourself For A Personal Wellbeing Revolution.

I am about all things wellbeing as you know, and next week’s blog will be back to the mental side of wellbeing. The inspirational thoughts and tips and tricks you need to make life healthier and happier. This week however I would love you to think about integrating yoga into your life in 2013. Starting yoga in 2000 was my first step in a personal wellbeing revolution. Everything flowed from that first decision to try a Beginner Yoga course.

Here are 6 questions to help you figure out if yoga is a good addition to your life and wellbeing that you should be considering right now:

1. You are already feeling flexible and toned all over, every muscle every joint. You feel good in, and about your body. YES/NO

2. You are sleeping fantastically. You know how to still your mind and have a deep refreshing sleep each night. YES/NO

3. You can manage your stress easily throughout the working week. You know how to dial down your fight or flight response and reduce anxiety and worry whatever life throws at you. YES/NO

4. You are strong and your joints move easily. You recover quickly from injuries. You are at reduced risk from osteoporosis, heart attacks, strokes. YES/NO

5. You have “me time” already blocked out in your diary every week. Time exclusively for you to recharge away from the kids and the office. YES/NO

6. You feel deeply connected with yourself and your spirit. You feel a deep sense of inner peace. You are the most chilled person you know. YES/NO

If you answered “NO” to two or more of the above then it’s time for you to consider committing to the amazing benefits that yoga can bring to you, not just physically, but mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

I have two kick-ass Beginner’s Courses starting next week, Tuesday nights 7pm and Thursday eve at 5.45pm. It’s ten weeks and it will change how you feel about your body and your life. Promise! There are a couple of places left so you will need to be quick.

If you are overseas or over the bridge please do check out a yoga course near you: you have nothing to lose and so much more to gain than you can imagine! The thing I found about yoga is that it didn’t so much give me what I thought I wanted, it gave me what I needed. I see it all the time, people turn up for flat abs and go away with a enduring sense of inner peace. Don’t put it off, make that commitment to yourself today.

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