Wishing you a restive and festive Christmas!

I cannot believe I am already talking to you guys about another fantastic year…2012!

You know a couple of things happened… the Olympics of course an amazing highlight. And the Royal Wedding. It’s been a great year to be a dual citizen, I have always had someone to cheer for!

Talking of cheering, I can’t thank you guys enough for how supportive every single one of you has been this year. My awe inspiring agents of change in the guise of my kick-ass coaching clients rocking their health, bodies and lives in whole new ways. You guys never cease to inspire and amaze me. The incredible energy every single class every single week in the yoga studio. No other class has the feel of a Positive Balance class and I thank  and congratulate you for your incredible commitment, making that positive choice to honour yourselves each week with your yoga practice. To choose to make that little bit of space for your wellbeing, I am honoured that you choose to spend it with me. And final thanks go to my “Bite” readers who are new to the Positive Balance Wellbeing train. Welcome: I am so glad the wellbeing messages are resonating with you and thank you for so many lovely messages.

As many of you know, in a bizarre twist of fate, life has thrown me a curve ball in the recent discovery of a non-malignant but fairly large and very rare kind of tumour in my ankle. My surgery will have happened yesterday by the time you read this, and I am sure it will all have gone well! It’s going to be a slow Christmas for me with a “moon boot” (SO not my favourite form of footwear! I am thinking of theming Christmas “Hideous Shoe Day” just so I don’t feel jealous of all the pretty shoes on display!), but I am so thankful it’s been found and it’s being removed so quickly. I will be fully recovered and raring to go for next term. I would like to give a special shout out of thanks to the wonderful Tracey for her amazing class cover whilst I am in having it removed. Tracey has the most beautiful energy and is a Positive Balance girl through and through. Class quite simply couldn’t be in better hands.

Have the most restive of festive seasons, gorgeous people

Have the most restive of festive seasons gorgeous people, let’s hope the sun shines on us all and …go on…indulge yourself silly. You have had a big year, worked hard and you deserve it.

Sending you much love, light and Christmas cheer, I am going to be on email sabbatical whilst this leg heals but do come and wish me well and tell me about your 2012 highlights on Facebook.

Louise xxxxx

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