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The #1 Fear That Blocks You From Living Your Life’s Purpose

The #1 Fear That Blocks You From Living Your Life’s PurposeSo many different scenarios of living life of purpose, but always the same underlying reason. Do any of these ring a bell with you?

  • The middle manager who really wants to be a nutritionist but is scared it won’t work out and they can’t make money.
  • The gorgeous girl who has been unlucky in love and is reluctant to get into online dating, or, who does it but then cancels the dates at the last minute.
  • The busy mum who wants to get fit but can’t get a consistent exercise programme going.
  • The new lawyer who graduated with hard won degree but it absolutely loathing dragging themselves in to the law office each day, but slapping on a brave game face.
  • The Dad who loves his family but hates his job, yet can’t leave because he is the breadwinner.
  • The girl who wants to travel and do her OE but has no one to go with so doesn’t book it and never goes.
  • The girl who does the part time training in massage and wants to make a living out of it, but is too scared to make the leap.
  • The spouse who is desperately unhappy but can’t have the conversation to either improve or leave the marriage.

It’s so easy for us to “get by”, day after day. Not truly connected with what makes us happy and fulfilling our life’s purpose. And then the next day, and the next day after that. And before we know it years have gone by in the “it’s okay” zone, but the amount of time we feel truly connected, alive and at peace is next to nothing.


The number one reason I see people holding themselves back is a fear that on some level they won’t be “good enough”.

  • Not good enough to make a new business in the wellbeing field make enough money and be successful enough to support a good lifestyle.
  • Not good enough to trust that there is a loving and respectful partner out there who will make her soul sing. Not good enough to be loved completely and be loved in return. That that is something for other people.
  • Not good enough to put herself and the needs of her body first sometimes, that that will mean she is a not good enough mum, that she is selfish.
  • Not good enough to pack in the shiny yet unfulfilling career path and do something that the family might not approve of. Not good enough to stand up to the inevitable familial pressure.
  • Not good enough to make the break and create a career change that is bold yet pragmatic. Not good enough to make the leap.
  • Not good enough to make friends along the trail. What if people don’t like me? What if I never meet anyone?
  • Not good enough to do the non traditional thing. That’s for other people, the brave ones who are good enough. More talented. More special.
  • Not good enough to make a stand and stick to it. Not good enough to live my own and make an independent life. I’ll never make it work.

Not good enough is a universal fear. It’s also a universal lie. And believing it keeps us playing small in the world. It dashes countless hopes and dreams. It’s an all pervasive, silent assassin of living our life’s purpose.

When you look around at people who are living their life’s mission, what do you see? You see that they do feel good enough to give it a go. To back themselves. To trust that when they are honouring the messages of their soul that things will work out. That they have the courage, resilience and passion to over come any obstacle.

People that are living their life’s purpose don’t wait to feel good enough to make it happen. They know that that feeling comes from the action of leaping towards their passion.

Because – here’s the thing.

You are ALREADY good enough.

Good Enough is an impossible standard to define. When you think about it, what does it even MEAN? Define for me someone who is good enough? Hard right? We are all imperfectly imperfect. No-one, and everyone, is already good enough.

If we wait to feel good enough on some level before summoning the courage to live the life we know we are meant to live, we will be waiting a very long time. We have to take action before we feel good enough, in the knowledge that the truth is we are already more than good enough to handle whatever comes up.

Courage is not the absence of fear. Courage is proceeding with your soul’s calling DESPITE the fear.

You are ALREADY good enough. You can do this.

Louise Thompson

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Are you really missing out?

Are you missing out?I have lost count of the number of gigs/parties/events I have ‘missed out on’ over the years whilst I am teaching my fabulous yoga students of an evening. I absolutely love what I do, but I do get the odd grump about missing a thing every now and again.

I also see my friends from corporate days doing a big glitzy thing on Facebook, the sort of industry event of black ties and champagne and fabulous shoes I would have been at in years gone by. And I sometimes feel I am missing out, just a bit, as I potter about in my yoga pants.

I see client after client in my coaching room who is upset about missing out on career opportunities or family opportunities or travel opportunities or run away and join the circus opportunities. If I had a dollar for every time “I hate missing out” has been uttered I would have enough to host my own black tie and champagne event.

Here’s the thing.

With so many opportunities we live in the age of ‘missing out’.

Which actually is a fantastic thing. Not a bad thing at all.

I should be saying “I missed out!” with joy and not regret.


Because missing out means I had a choice on some other option. It meant I chose another thing and I am actually soooooooooo lucky to have that choice.

There are so many women around the world who miss out on things like getting to vote; having financial independence; education; a career outside the home that doesn’t require a ‘male guardian’. In Saudi Arabia it is illegal for women to drive. They do not even have the choice over what they wear.

So, when I drive myself to class (rather than to the party I fancied) I am going to call out my BS on “missing out” for what it is.

Missing out is a fantastic thing. I’ve missed out because I made the choice to run my own fabulous thriving business, to be financially independent, to drive myself to class, on my own, in my yoga pants.

Missing out is confirmation that I have infinite choice in my life and that I am using it. And that is something to be very happy about indeed.

Missing Out is the new black. You heard it here first.

Louise Thompson

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Meeting one of my heroines….plus one of my all time most inspirational stories…

Meeting one of my heroinesIt’s not often you get to meet one of your all time heroines. I was lucky enough to do just that last week. Jessica Jackley is an incredible woman who has LITERALLY changed the world for the better, but most people have probably never heard her name. She has impacted positively more lives around the globe than any politician or statesman and yet, she is far from a household name.

This smart and funny woman is an internet entrepreneur who founded the revolutionary microfinance site Kiva. Microfinance is an incredible concept. It’s about alleviating poverty, not through the traditional route of aid, but through teeny tiny loans to men and women in developing countries who need just a little leg up in order to become self sufficient.

How does it work? You lend say, $25, or $100, to a lady in Laos, so she can buy a sewing machine and fabric. She starts her own little cottage sewing business and pays back her loan at a sensible rate rather than the astronomical local moneylenders loans, which keep people trapped in a cycle of poverty. She pays back her loan to you, and then…well, you lend that hundred bucks  to a guy in Malawi to buy a mold to fashion bricks, so he can start a teeny tiny brick making venture to support his family rather than relying on a corrupt local money lender…he makes his bricks and his business grows and he pays back the money…and then…well…you lend it to a guy in India who….you get the idea.

It’s ingenious and simple, and it has significantly impacted lives around the globe: breaking the cycle of poverty and helping those less fortunate to liberate their entrepreneurial spirit, and grow flourishing micro businesses that benefit themselves, their families and their community.

This all started from Jessica’s decision in 2005 to help one guy in Africa when she was travelling there… today Kiva has crowd-funded more than 1 million loans, totaling more than a half a billion dollars (HALF A BILLION DOLLARS!!!), at a repayment rate of 99 percent in over 70 countries.

How freaking AMAZING is THAT?

I have been a long time fan of Jessica and Kiva’s work, in fact making a social difference has always been baked into my business model. You can see we are supporters right here : Giving Back

Hearing Jessica speak and tell her story of how this desire to help one guy has grown into an extraordinarily powerful global movement of social good was humbling.  Also, truly inspirational. When the world is full of so much conflict and difficulty it can be overwhelming for us to think how can we ever make a difference? And yet, she did. It reminded me of a wonderful story I heard whilst I was travelling in Cambodia about ten years ago. There was a lovely café I used to visit, called the Starfish Café in Sihanoukville. It was staffed entirely by victims of landmines who had lost limbs. There are no benefit or insurance payments for these people, unless they somehow find work or their families look after them the future is beyond grim. Even getting a prosthetic limb is far from a given. So some very smart people opened the Starfish Café to provide work and income. It was a magical place. Part of it’s magic was in it’s name…and it’s this magical story I wanted to share with you today:

An old Buddhist monk was walking the beach with his young novice.  There had been a storm the night before, and the beach was covered, literally blanketed, in starfish that had been washed up in the storm. Thousands of starfish, tens of thousands. 

As the older monk began his teaching with his novice they walked down the beach, just as they usually did for the morning lesson. However, every few steps the older monk would bend down, pluck a starfish from the sand and toss it into the sea. He would keep walking, quietly delivering his message, and again, another few steps, pluck another starfish back to the ocean. 

After a few minutes the novice asked his master  “Why are you bothering? There are so many. It won’t make any difference”. The novice could see it was a pointless and hopeless task, there were just too many to be saved.

“Ah, yes” replied the old monk, “but it will make a difference to that one”.


Making a difference to one is where we all can start. That’s where all change starts. With one. One person standing up to make a difference. One person affected, rescued, helped in whatever manner. One person smiling and lifting a day. One person showing patience where they could have show anger. One person going out of their way. One person setting strong boundaries and not putting up with disrespectful behavior. One person choosing to leave a situation that doesn’t serve them, to let their light shine elsewhere. One person visiting the lonely neighbor to check on them. One person picking up the phone to end a feud. One person to send a quote or an article that will lift a day to a heartbroken friend. One person to leave flowers on the doorstep “just because”.

Could we all do something as groundbreaking and world changing as Jessica? Maybe. Maybe not. But to think that we all have the capacity to do something that can help just one other person, well sure. One person truly can change the world. It all starts one small decision at a time to make a difference to that one.

Want to make a loan through Kiva, it’s a jolly good idea : Thompson


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“Don’t worry … be happy now”

Don't worry, be happy now“ I am worried that if I lose the weight then I won’t be able to keep it off”.

“I’m worried that if I take that big scary promotion that I will be  not good enough when I am doing the new job”.

“I’m worried that if I go travel that I will worry about being safe all the time”

“I’m worried about starting yoga? What if I can’t keep up? I worry I’ll be comparing myself to all the bendy people all the time and hate it”

Just a few things that I have heard from clients and students recently.


People. Listen Up.

Worrying about being worried?

Worrying about being worried at some point in the future?

Worrying full stop?

Worrying is a pointless activity.

Worrying is focusing on a fear that is not currently present. It’s worrying about a thing that may or may not happen later.

Most of the time it doesn’t even happen, but all that mental energy, emotional energy and headspace is gone, you can’t get that back. Those hours and minutes are gone.

And here’s another thing. Worrying actually makes the thing you are worrying about more likely to happen.

Yes that’s right.

Worrying actually makes the thing you are worrying about more likely to happen.


Well firstly worry makes you filter. Filtering is selective awareness of what’s going on around you. Our brain is built to filter because otherwise we couldn’t cope with the sheer volume of information around us. Here’s an example of filtering. I got a new car a few years ago. Consigning the small green money pit on wheels to history (side note to all: do not ever buy a Holden Barina) I wasn’t that fussed about what we got as long as it was small enough I could park it  (ie. v small) and that it wasn’t another unreliable money eating machine.  I settled on a blue Mazda 3. Never really seen one before but it ticked all the boxes and we got a good deal. Then, when driving about in the shiny new blue Mazda 3 a funny thing happened. They are EVERYWHERE! Blue Mazda 3’s? Every third car is a blue Mazda 3. So many in fact that twice I tried to get into the wrong parked car ( der…that’s why I now have a flag of St Pirran  (patron saint of Cornwall where I am from) on the back window to stop me doing that).  Blue Mazda 3’s are super common but I honestly had never noticed one before I bought one, then I see them everywhere. Why? Filtering. My brain is filtering for the thing I put my attention on so I see it everywhere.

It’s how the brain works. So, if you are worrying on a thing, you are actually far more likely to find evidence for it as you have primed your brain to search for it. That makes worries far more likely to become real.

Reason number 2 that worrying makes the thing you don’t want more likely to happen is basic Law Of Attraction.  The more you thoughts you put out there by continually worrying and thinking about a scenario you don’t want the more likely the universe is to energetically bring that back to you. That might be too woo-woo for you but I can assure you that it’s the truth.  The Universe is programmed to bring you what you want. And it assumes that what you want is what you think about all the time. Worrying is a repetitive thought pattern. Hence that’s what you are far more likely to get.

So, whether you like the brain science filtering explanation or the more woo-woo Law Of Attraction one you can see that worrying is bad.

Worrying is meditating on the thing you don’t want to happen.

So, stop it! Decide what you DO want to happen, however unlikely that might seem, and focus your thoughts and energy on that positive repetitive thought pattern.

You can change up your thoughts. It takes a conscious decision to do so, to quit worrying and focus on what you want to see instead rather than what you don’t.

It will make a HUGE difference to how enjoyable your day is and the outcome of the thing.

Decide one thing right now you are going to quit worrying about. Write it down. Then write down what you would love to have happen instead. Focus your attention on that and trust that the universe will bring it to you. Claim back that worry space in your mind for better things.

Have an awesome worry free day.

Louise Thompson


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Wasted Time or Play Time?

There is a common complaint that I notice with many of my coaching clients, especially those who are tired (or suffering from Adrenal Fatigue / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) or working through Life/Work Balance issues. They have a real thing about any kind of down time being ‘wasted time’. It’s a concept that comes up again and again. And I think it’s a new and growing phenomenon that’s leading to a whole heap of stress. I must confess to being susceptible to this Cult Of Productivity myself: I notice it when I am stuck in traffic, or when the computer isn’t working as perfectly as I would like it to, or ordering something is taking longer than I thought it would. This stressful thought keeps rearing its ugly head: ‘this is such a waste of time’, usually accompanied by its good friend ‘this should be quicker/easier/more efficient’.

These thoughts lead directly to a place of stress. Bad for the head, bad for the body.

It’s occurred to me that I didn’t use to feel this way. When I was younger I didn’t put this pressure on myself for every thing to have an outcome. Just enjoying or doing something for its own sake was enough. At school and university my friends and I elevated wasting time to an art form in its own right! And those are the bits I look back on with the most fondness. The endless games of cards and pissing about (car surfing anyone?!) And yet I, and so many of my clients, seem to now feel so uncomfortable with even the most limited moments of unproductivity.  What is that about?

As the world has become increasingly immediate and increasingly measureable I think it’s encouraged us to lead our lives in the same way. An expectation that all time and every effort invested should show some sort of meaningful outcome. But, should it?

I think the stress that the concept of ‘wasted time’ generates is due to a perception that time is inherently limited. That leads to a perception that all time needs to count with an outcome. Which generates stress. Is the point of time well spent to get things accomplished, or is it to have fun and experience the maximum amount of joy? As adults in this increasingly technologically enabled, measurable and immediate world I think we have lost the ability to play. Or to see play as an important part of what makes life fun and ourselves happy.

Look at how children play. When children play its as a means to an end in itself, because they see time as unlimited and therefore no outcome is required. So how can it possibly be wasted if it’s unlimited?

I think there is a lot we can learn from that attitude. This is what I have learned around the concept of ‘wasted time’:

  1. Just because it produces some sort of outcome doesn’t mean that it’s important.
  2. Just because its quantifiable doesn’t mean I should do it
  3. If the only joy in the doing is the crossing off on the list when it’s done then I should consider not doing it or getting someone else to do it for me
  4. Some of the best most fun and memorable time in my life had no definable outcome.
  5.  Unproductive time is a fact of life. We are not built to be ON all the time.
  6. Unproductive time is thinking and daydreaming and processing time. That is productive in itself.
  7. Play and fun are important.
  8. Resting and chilling ARE an activity in their own right. The outcome is being chilled. That’s something the body requires for health. It’s really important time.
  9. Enjoyment is just as valid a goal as achievement.
  10. I need to play more.

So I am challenging myself to reconnect with play for the sake of itself: I have joined a mosaic class one morning a week. I am really enjoying it; there is something very satisfying about fitting all the tiny chards of ceramic together for no reason at all other than the simple pleasure of doing it. It’s a bit fiddly and a bit messy. I like that, and the quiet companionship of the other women in the class. Sometimes I feel guilty about all the work I ‘should’ be doing and that it’s ‘wasted time’ then I remember, I’m a life coach, I teach people about life/work balance…this is me Living It to Give It and I relax and focus on the little fiddly tiles again and the couple of hours simply flies by! It’s been good for the mind and the soul.

If you find yourself running mental loops about wasting time it’s my bet that you could do with reintroducing a bit of play to your life too. Try using the time stuck at the grocery checkout and in traffic to daydream about your next holiday or the best one you ever had. It won’t wake the queue go faster but it will make it a more pleasant and positive experience. Think back to something you loved to do as a child to play (baking, playing footie, making things, etc) and try and introduce a related aspect of PLAY into your week with no aspect of outcome attached. Play for it’s own sake, and see that if we are in the moment and enjoying ourselves then no time is ever really wasted.

Louise Thompson | Life Coach, Writer, Speaker

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How to be Happy Right Now

How to be Happy Right Now

My Gran had a whole cabinet full of china that she kept “for best”. Now as all her things are being sold and given away after her passing it occurs that I don’t think I ever once ate off those plates.

Which is a full on shame.

Saving stuff “for best” is something we all do. But I wonder if it’s a useful strategy any more?

Here’s the thing:

Today is actually all we really have. The only place joy exists in in the present moment. Are you really maxing today? When we live for “when business is better” or “when the kids are older” or “when the mortgage is paid off” we defer our happiness. We throw our energy forwards. We are not living our maximum potential happiness in the here and now.

This is not to say, don’t plan. Of course, plan for future milestones, and put all manner of cunning schemes into place but don’t take your eye off the ball in the now. Happiness can slip right through your fingers today if you put too much energy on planning for tomorrow.

How can you live for the max now?

You can wear that pretty dress. Don’t save it for the special occasion. Today is a special occasion. Put it on!

Light the Ecoya candle. Right now. For you.

Say screw the washing up lets go walk on the beach. Right now.

Make the difficult call. Say what you need.

Lighten that conversation. Bring grace.

Have the fresh herbs.

Book the show.

Make the detour.

Have the random conversation with a stranger that you don’t have time for.

Allow yourself the bunch of flowers.

Tell them you love them.

Use the best crockery.Wear the glorious shoes even though you have nowhere special to go .

This is living with an abundant mindset.

  • More than enough time
  • More than enough energy
  • More than enough love
  • More than enough money
  • We live in abundant times

Granny’s generation lived in scarcity and their habit of saving for best safeguarded against real loss and shortage. We live in an age of incomparable abundance. We get to make a new rule. Screw saving stuff “for best”! The best is now. Right now.

All we have is today. Maxing out today is important. You do not know what tomorrow will bring. Don’t take your eye off the ball of today but always focusing on tomorrow. We must take the opportunity to scatter as many moments of random joy into each day as we can.

Live abundant gorgeous one. Go do something frivolous. Something “for best”. Right now. Today.

Louise Thompson | Life Coach, Writer, Speaker

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How to get what you want in 2014: 7 questions you need to ask yourself

7 questions you need to ask yourselfBrand shiny New Year. Nothing like it, is there? A clean fresh sheet to be filled with our hearts desires! We all get to be reborn at New Year; it’s a special cleansing time. Transformational energy is in the air, and it’s infectious. How can we best harness that energy to set up an amazing year for ourselves? Traditionally of course we set some New Year’s Resolutions. Don’t do this anymore. Do more of that.  And so on.

Well you know me: I never like to go about things in the obvious way! I like to dig a little deeper. And that’s what I’d like for you too this year. Instead of immediately setting goals or resolutions (which have inevitably fallen by the wayside by months end) I’d like you to dig a little deeper first. Dig down to the core values that you want to enhance, support and honour this year to start the process. If the goal or resolution that comes out of that is still “lose 8 kg’s” or “learn to salsa” that’s absolutely perfect, but a little time spent firstly connecting with, reevaluating, re-prioritising your values will allow you to make those goals happen with ease rather than the equally traditional force and then abandonment of the goal before January has even ended. When we have Spiritual Fuel in the tank, it propels us effortlessly towards our goal, less willpower, less grind. Who doesn’t want that?!

So, here are some questions to help you set some Resolutions With Spiritual Fuel.

Q1. What am I most proud of in 2013




eg. Had regular date nights no matter what/ Got promoted/ ran a marathon

Q2. Why? Try and detail why exactly those things were important to you. Why did that matter?




eg. Regularly prioritised marriage and relationship/ I’ve worked hard for it / Because I got fit

Q3.  Why? Why does THAT matter to you? What important about that? What does that mean to you?




eg. A happy marriage is the most important thing in my life, I feel loved and safe / I feel valued and respected and more confident in my work/ Because I challenged myself and achieved something I don’t think I could, I feel proud.

Okay, so you will have dug down now to the core values that resonate most for you. Can you see how the factual statement we start with (“got promoted”) once we start delving down with the “why” will eventually end up in an “I feel” statements. That’s all we are every trying to get to. That’s why we want ANYTHING. That’s why we set any goal or resolution. It’s because we want to FEEL a certain way in the future. For success our goals and resolutions need to resonate with this deep feeling state we want to create.

Q4. How do I want to FEEL in 2014? What emotional states do I want to feel most often? Why do I want to feel them?

a)    I want to feel ____________________________________________

b)    I want to feel ____________________________________________

c)    I want to feel ____________________________________________

Eg. I want to feel attractive. I want to like my body. I want to feel fun and excitement. I want to feel connected and heard. I want to feel in control. I want to feel challenged. I want to feel proud. I want to feel at peace. I want to feel calm.

Q5. What thought patterns support these emotion states? Sometimes life is busy and the way ahead is hard, what can I say to myself to keep myself on track?

Remember, what we feel (emotion) comes DIRECTLY from what we think. Thought generates emotion. It’s literally that simple.

So determining some helpful thought patterns in advance will support you through the whole year to get the outcome you want. For example if you are thinking “Losing weight is so hard, nothing every works for me” the emotion that generates is despondency, and it leads directly out of the gym and to the fridge. If your thought pattern is “I am a woman who takes great care of herself, who honours her body. That is who I am” then that creates an energy of empowerment. That empowering energy creates actions of making healthy choices in terms of food, exercise, rest and relaxation.

So, who are you?  Here are some ideas to get you started: You are woman/man who what? I am a woman who puts her health first/ I am a woman who makes time to relax and have fun with the family because I believe these years are precious and the washing up can wait/ I am a woman who is great at her job and knows its safe to speak up and shine/ I am a woman who is deeply in love and nurtures her relationship/I am a woman who takes amazing care of her finances/ I am a woman who revels in incredible self care/ I am a woman who….

a) I am a woman who _________________________________________

b) I am a woman who _________________________________________

c) I am a woman who _________________________________________

Cool, right?

Q6. So, that’s who you are, who you want to be in 2014. That’s your deep value set. That’s the truth of what you need to be happy and fulfilled in 2014. That’s the tough stuff done! It’s all easy from now! What actions – goals – resolutions are in line with the above?

For instance, one way to demonstrate and live the truth of the value “I am a woman who is great at her job and knows it’s safe to speak up and shine” could be to set a goal or resolution to launch a particular initiative at work, take ownership of a project, or to book a meeting with boss to discuss a pay review. What we are looking for is actions and goals that are in alignment with the woman you want be this year.

List them here:

a) One way I can be a woman who _______________________________ is to be/say/learn/buy/ask/do/start  _______________________________

a) One way I can be a woman who _______________________________ is to be/say/learn/buy/ask/do/start  _______________________________

a) One way I can be a woman who _______________________________ is to be/say/learn/buy/ask/do/start  _______________________________

Q7. Make your resolutions baby!  

Resolutions at their heart are about commitment. To self. To others. Take what you have learned above and craft it into 3 commitments. 3 promises for the woman you are, and will be this year.

I promise to move my body every day. I promise to start a savings scheme. I promise to speak up in the team meeting. I promise to turn my phone off and do story time four days a week. I promise to create time for love and connection. I promise to train 4 times a week for a marathon. I promise to respect my body with my food choices.

What do you need to promise to be the woman you are? These are your Resolutions with Spiritual Fuel.

a) Because I am a woman who _________________________________  I promise to ______________________________________________

b) Because I am a woman who _________________________________  I promise to ______________________________________________

c) Because I am a woman who _________________________________  I promise to ______________________________________________

Boom. Take the time to do this exercise. It’s well worth the time investment  – most resolutions fail – why – because they are not connected to deep values, so there is no power to fuel their progress when life gets busy or stressed. When we align a resolution with the person we want to be, making the right choices is EASY. Of course you keep you resolutions, you are after all, a woman to keeps her word to herself

Wishing you the most fantastic 2014, I know it’s going to be a special one,

positive balance, Louise Thompson, wellbeing, life coach,

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