Our words are our wands

Your Words are Wands (no microphone required!)

Our words are our wandsI spoke on Monday night to a full house in Auckland, in a shared gig with Jason Shon Bennett, author and all round wellness rock star. It was a truly awesome evening, the stage was MASSIVE though – and I have to confess to a few nerves before I stepped up – but the laughs and the nods of resonance soon started flowing and I have to say I was pretty soon in my element.

Now, it was an interesting gig for me as generally I don’t share a stage – so the people that come have come have come to see me – so, like you, dear Wellbeing Wednesday reader they know what I am all about in advance! They read my column and they know I stand for us all living empowered, healthy, happy lives through 4-Dimensional Wellbeing centered around four core principles:

*Kind Heart * Strong Body * Fierce Mind * Brave Spirit *

You, my gorgeous one, already know that. But there were quite a few people there last night who were Jason’s people and consequently had no idea who I am, or what I do or what to expect from me. Very nerve wracking!

Well, a very interesting thing happened when I got off the stage, and I have to say I was just overwhelmed with the reaction. SO MANY PEOPLE were blown away with the techniques I taught them. That someone was openly talking about emotional resiliency, mental strength and spiritual connection – not just physical wellbeing but total wellbeing. There were so many nods of recognition, tears shed and so many people saying how glad they were that they had come along – that it had shifted something really significant in them. It was all pretty humbling stuff I have to say. And it’s really brought something home to me:

OUR WORDS ARE SO POWERFUL. SO powerful. Insanely powerful. Especially when we match them with an energy of service and love. Our words have the ability to transmit MAGIC. We have ability to change someone’s mind. To change someone’s day. To change someone’s LIFE – all through the power of our words. We can change worlds with an ephemeral intangible – something we neither touch or see – now that really is magic.

So – it’s an extreme example – I was on stage. Amped up to the max. Adrenaline coursing. Deliberately dropping all my best jokes. Transmitting everything I had 110%. But that bit is IRRELEVANT. It ‘s not about it being me, or there being a stage or a mike in hand. None of that is important to the magic.

We ABSOLUTELY do not need a microphone to do transmit magic with our words! It’s something WE CAN ALL DO – yes my darling, especially you.

Our words can be magic wands that heal. Soothe. Inspire. Comfort. Lift. Love.

Our words can cast a spell of learning. Of love. Of courage. Of brilliance. Of hope. Of humility.

Our words transmit can transmit a magic energy of encouragement. Or triumph. Or support.

Our words are magic wands. And we have them with us all day. Every day.

But so much of the time we can use them to just go through the motions. Be functional. Say the minimum. Give it a “fine, how are you?” Be non-committal. Cruise. Coast. Detach. Punish. Berate. Nag. Harm.

The list goes on.

And those are spells too. The energy and transmission behind those words are very different.

So many opportunities come at us every day to cast more happy spells with our words. To take those ordinary moments and infuse them with a little more lightness. Laugher. Love.

We have been reminded of that this week with the incredibly mature words of Jake Bailey from Christchurch Boys School in his end of year address as head monitor just three weeks after being diagnosed with an incredibly aggressive form of cancer. Spoken with a resilience that belies his years, from a wheelchair, you could hear a pin drop as he bewitches his audience with the magic in his words.

Our words ARE wands. They are beyond POWERFUL.

Rudyard Kipling said:

“Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind”.

A drug? Sometimes. Creating moment of ordinary magic? Definitely.

You don’t need to be on a stage to use your words as a wand. You can speak them. You can write them. Anytime. Any place. Any where.

You can cast your own brand of magic right now, right here, in this moment with the next person you speak to. Use your words as a wand. Spread a little magic. It’s totally free.

Louise Thompson, wellbeing coach

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