I’m Starting A Happiness Movement! Who’s With Me?

I'm starting a happiness movementI want to try to change conversations round the country into more positive ones. Are you with me? I think we can do it with one simple but effective change:

Consider stopping asking the ubiquitous “How is/was your day?” question, which we all do a dozen times a day, which leads to pretty much the same responses:

a) I’m really busy / stressed
b) A moan of some sort, which quickly morphs into another thing that was not so great
c) A perfunctory “fine”, which kills the conversation stone dead.

None of these things lead to a positive conversation or spreading of uplifting energy. Which is SUCH a wasted opportunity. We are all on this quest for the next thing that will make us happy, always seeking seeking seeking, which is all well and good. However, the routine conversations we have are a wasted opportunity to help each other recognise and celebrate the happiness that we do ALREADY have, but that can melt away in the busy frenzy of life. I want us to help each other put more of a shine on each day. To literally help each other to #shinebright

It’s time to change up habitually neutral or low grade negative conversations and inject positivity easily into homes, workplaces, gyms and at school gates all round the country. Are you with me? Let’s go.

It’s a very simple strategy.

Instead of the ubiquitous “How was your day” or “How is your day going?” WE ARE GOING TO ASK BETTER QUESTIONS.

We are going to ASK BETTER QUESTIONS that elevate the conversation and the energy.

We are going to ASK BETTER QUESTIONS of ourselves, of each other and of our children. Ready?

Instead of “How was your day?” we are going to ask “What was the highlight of your day?”

See how different that is? See how different the responses will be? It turns on the googling ability in our brain to automatically search for the GOOD STUFF. Not the neutral or the negative stuff. It forces us to step to the affirmative. It prompts an upbeat response, and a recognition that even on a bad day there is always a glimmer of goodness however feint.

ASKING BETTER QUESTIONS literally primes the pump of positivity. And who doesn’t want that?

A couple of other BETTER QUESTIONS are:

“Tell me three great things that happened to you today?”


“What was the best thing that happened today?”


“What was the highlight of your day?”

The art of being happy – and it is an art – is more about recognising the happiness that is ALREADY PRESENT, rather than continually striving for more at an indefinable future point. Let’s help each other do that shall we? Let’s ASK BETTER QUESTIONS, and have more happiness instantly in our homes and where we work, rest and play.

Tell me gorgeous, what’s been the highlight of your day today?


Louise Thompson, wellbeing coach

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