Some words of wisdom on Valentine’s Day 💗

If you are loved up today: HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! Enjoy every moment feeling special and giving love. It makes the world go round + it’s fabulous we have a global day to mark LOVE!

If you are NOT (whether you are single, or in a currently less than loved up but partnered state) this can be one of THE most triggering + tricky days of the year. 

It can be HARD to see an endless parade of flowers being delivered in the office and a social media love fest of proclamations and grand gestures. However much you wish everyone else love, it can be HARD. 

🤕 It can make your heart hurt. 

💙 If that’s you today, I am sorry. 

🤗 Have a big HUG from me. 

Please, KNOW you are special. 


And that all this shows is that there is an abundance of love in the world, which is a good thing. 

But … you don’t have to tune into it. 


It’s just a day. 

I recommend the following recipe:

📱 A generous helping of STAY THE HELL OFF social media

💅 A dollop of extravagant SELF CARE such a pedicure

🍸 A sprinkling of distracting boxset or a drinklette with friends

✨ A dusting of love to someone else who might need it today: a cheery hello to your lonely old neighbor, or an extra long walk with the dog, or playing cards with your kid. 

🥄 Stir and serve with a smile

With big love this Valentine’s Day, from my heart to yours

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