Pick One Of These To Get The Radical Life Improvements You Want

The Secret To A Perfect Christmas – it’s not what you think…Want to change your life? Change your mind first. Want to change your body? Change your mind first. Want to change your relationship? Change your mind first. Want to change your finances? Change your mind first.

Our life, and everything in it, is a completely accurate reflection of what we believe about ourselves and the way the world works. What we think (whether that’s conscious, or (mostly) non-conscious) determines what we get. Every. Single. Time.

Rewriting our programming to help us get what we want through ease rather than force can be achieved in many different ways. One of those is by creating new neural pathways in a conscious manner through the repetition of intentions or affirmations. Below I have 30 goodies for you to choose from. Have a read through the list – see which of these resonates for you in terms of what you currently want to create easily and consistently in your life. The more of an emotional charge you get from the intention the better it’s going to work for you – emotion creates a neural pathway deeper and faster than an intention which is emotionally neutral. So the one that jumps out the most, that makes you FEEL something – excitement, relief, happiness – that’s the one to go for:

Which of these 30 intentions would enhance your life? Super simple instructions on how to use it are below too:


I love living an abundant life.

Money flows to me and through me with ease.

I bless every dollar in. I bless every dollar out.

I have absolute faith in my ability to earn any income level I choose.

Money loves me. I love hanging out with money. We have a lot of fun together.

I have more than enough money for the things that are truly important to me.

There is always more than enough money.


I am so grateful for the amazing relationships I have in my life.

I take full responsibility for my own happiness – I do not expect someone else to provide it – I create my own happiness.

I enjoy the connection and peace I get from the abundance of love in my life.

I am surrounded by loving relationships.

I deserve to be happy.

I always look for the good in others and I usually find it!


I am a man/woman who takes exceptional care of him/herself.

Honouring the needs of my body is my number one priority.

I love nourishing my body with great food and regular exercise.

I love my body. It’s an amazing miracle machine.

Everything after breathing is a choice. I choose to eat well and move often.

I have more than enough time and money to ensure I take great care of my body.


I am on this planet to serve and I love using my gifts.

I am super smart and I use my wisdom very day.

I am in the perfect place for me right now.

I am moving towards a career that makes me shine.

I am passionate and committed to what I do.

I am whole and complete.

I am intimately connected to my inner wisdom and my passions.

Time + Energy

I have more than enough time for the things that are truly important to me.

I have more than enough energy for all the things that are truly important to me.

I am smart and organized – I prioritise my time brilliantly.

I am not afraid to set boundaries around my time that allow me to live the life I want.

It’s my time – I unapologetically choose what I spend it on.

I love my life.


Pick the intentional statement that jumps out for you (or create your own!), and start the process of rewiring your brain to make this a living breathing reality for you. Over 90% of the power in our brain in non-conscious – so get your non-conscious onboard by:

  1. Repetition. Repetition. Repetition. Repeat (or write out) your statement as many times as day as you can. Sat the bus-stop. Whilst you are cleaning your teeth.  Whilst you are trying not to stab Dave From Accounts in that meeting. Repeat Repeat Repeat.
  2. Visual Anchor. Get an image that represents your intention and make it your screensaver. You can also do what I do and add your intention to it by integrating the words with the image. Just head over to http://www.picmonkey.com/
  3. Make this a practice you carry out every day, multiple times a day, for 30 days. You will literally rewrite the software in your brain.
  4. Give thanks. Spooky stuff starts to happen when you start this practice. More money does start to show up, often in the most unexpected ways. Relationships do become more loving. You do start working our more and enjoying it. Give thanks for this shift when you see it. Gratitude anchors your new belief. The more noticing you do the deeper the belief so give thanks and praise often.

If you want to change your life – change your mind. It astonishes me just how fast things change whenever I, or my clients, use this practice. There is something truly kinda magical about harnessing the power deep in your non-conscious brain. Stuff starts to change and happen with an ease and flow that is utterly delicious. This will take you only a few minutes each day – the same as brushing your teeth – (less dental hygiene, more mental hygiene!) – and WAY more powerful.

Love to know which one of these speaks to you! Tell me in the comments below…

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