One More Instant Mood Booster To Transform Any Bad Hair Day

One More Instant Mood Booster To Transform Any Bad Hair Day on from last week’s wellbeing blog here is one more suggestion to turn your day on a dime. Ready? Set. Go!

What’s PERFECT about this?

This is the ultimate mental switcheroo to get your day turned around. It‘s a killer question and it works in any situation no matter how sucky. The thing is – our brain is like GOOGLE – when you put in a question or a statement like “Oh god today is a nightmare!” it will come back with a load of reasons it’s a nightmare. A whole list of them. So you read one of those “I’m never going to have time to get all of this done” and then your brain googles THAT and comes back with a whole list of OTHER things you don’t have time for, like “I’m worried I’m going to let Sue down if ….” And then it comes up with ANOTHER load of ways you can let people down! See? Can you see why we all get so stressed? It’s because we keep unconsciously MENTALLY GOOGLING why we are so stressed.

Your brain is a big and awesome answer finding machine. It makes sense therefore to utilise this amazing ability by ENTERING A DIFFERENT QUESTION! By entering a completely different question you will get a stream of very different results that will take you to a whole different place.

The magic question is:

“What’s PERFECT about this?”

I know. Sometimes I can be so annoying! “But Louise, my kid has just peed on the floor, and I can’t find the dog to take to the vets – this is a BAD day!”

I know. I know. However…just try, just try asking “What’s PERFECT about this?”

“Grrrr…..well…NOTHING! God this is hard…okay…I’m trying…what’s perfect about this? Well…I have a tiled kitchen floor so at least that pee is easier to clean up there than on the carpet! So that’s perfect. And my vets are the nicest people. I’ll call them and say we are running late. This must happen to them all the time. That’s perfect, they will know what to suggest. I love my son, and I love the dog too so I guess it’s perfect that I’ve been here to care for them today when they needed me…” and so on.

See? One positive response then starts to prompt another one. It uses your awesome power of MENTAL GOOGLE in a deliberately positive direction so you start to spiral upwards. I am not saying it’s a not a challenge sometimes to think of something positive when the shit has well and truly hit the fan, but if you search really, really hard your MENTAL GOOGLE will eventually come back with a more uplifting answer.

You will be shocked by how quickly this can turn a train wreck day into a great day. Get your Mental Google working FOR you, not AGAINST you with the magic question.

Have a great day y’all!

Louise Thompson, wellbeing coach

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