I have a secret to share with you 🤫

Here it is…

The only thing you have to do is BREATHE. Everything after that is a CHOICE.

Life becomes very different in a very short space of time once we truly grasp this fundamental truth. 

Go through every statement you have made about why you can’t improve your health, or make time for yourself, and substitute the word ‘choose’ for any of the ubiquitous “I should / I can’t / I must / I need to / I have to”.

What I want you to realise is that “I should / I can’t / I must / I need to / I have to” are stories. Stories that you tell yourself over and over and over, that keep you trapped in a place of disempowerment and fatigue.

How are they stories? Well, let me repeat the secret I told you earlier: The only thing any one of us has/must/needs to do is breathe. Everything after that is a choice. What a revelation.

Right. So, let’s see how this works in practice. I just love the power of this exercise. It truly is a life-changer.

The important thing to note here is that after you make your choice, you just move on. Make the choice knowing that this is what is right for you. Choose it and move on, releasing any guilt around it. Fully enjoy that choice and that time without thoughts of guilt. 

State your position and stand in your truth: with your boss, your client, your parents. You can’t control their reaction, but you can honour yourself and stand firm in your truth with clarity over your choice. 

Your highest purpose on this earth is to honour your authentic self, your true emotions and your physical body. You should never feel guilty about making that choice. Sure, someone else might not like your choice, but that is then their choice about how they react to it.

You can choose to work late every night, rather than have one potentially uncomfortable conversation with your boss. But at least be honest with yourself about it. You are choosing it. If that’s what you want, that’s fine. Choose it and move forward with the energy of empowerment, even if it’s not a choice that makes you happy.

Elevate your REAL self-care with ONE smart decision TODAY.

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