How To Be Happy Part #345 – one thing you can do RIGHT NOW to live happier

How To Be Happy Part #345 – one thing you can do RIGHT NOW to live happier

Tweet: How To Be Happy - 1 thing you can do RIGHT NOW @FlexHappy #shinebrightWant to sleep easier? Want to silence that nagging voice of anxiety that follows you about? Want to connect to that elusive voice of inner peace people are always banging on about? Of course you do!

This is a one step tip this week – do an Integrity Inventory with your good and gorgeous self.

Just because it’s simple doesn’t mean it’s easy! However, there will be such a sense of flow and rightness about it that you will knowknowknow it’s the way to go. To get started simply complete these questions:

Is there an area of your life where you are not being entirely honest?

Is there a relationship where you are withholding the truth in some way?

Is there something you are afraid that will be “found out”?

You don’t need to tell me all the gory details Sweetpea. Just be fully honest with yourself. Think of it as a deep spring clean into those cobwebby old corners of the spare room you don’t use that much. A grimy and not particularly pleasant task but feels ohhhhh-so-good when it’s done. In fact, you had lost sight of just how dirty that corner was, you had got so used to living with it – but now it’s so shiny and clean you wouldn’t want it any other way!

Three more questions for you:

Is there someone you need to apologise to? Either in person, in real life, or if that’s not an option, energetically to make peace of a situation?

Is there something niggling away where you are saying one thing  – but doing another thing?

Are your actions matching your words? Really?

These six inventory questions will highlight if you have slipped out of alignment somewhere in your life. You are only human so don’t take this as a failing  – y’hear me?! It’s much more an exercise of awareness. Awareness is key. Because once we are aware it’s only then that we can start to alter things for the better.  So if this has highlighted a few integrity slips for you – that’s fine  – good to know – you just need to get your sweet self back into alignment with your integrity pronto.


Because Integrity feels good.

It feels easy.

It feels whole.

It feels clean.

And it’s almost never as hard as you think it’s going to be.

Do what is right.

Not what is easy.

It will feel so good you will wish you had done it forever ago.

I can’t tell you what you need to do with your new awareness – but I can tell you you will just know what feels like the right thing to do.

So. Do it.

Do what is right.

Not what is easy.

Getting back in integrity with yourself feels even better than a really amazing long hot power shower with super luxe toiletries and feeling super squeaky clean and smelling delicious. It’s a deep clean for your soul. It’s the most comfortable way to live there is. It’s one of the fastest routes to peace and contentment you can take.

When you tell the truth to yourself, and then those around you (and that’s different, by the way, to random and selective over-sharing) you can ease back into feeling good in your own skin. All the time.

Doesn’t that feel good?

Deep clean for the soul.

It’s the way forward.


Louise Thompson, wellbeing coach

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