Do you want things to change in your life?

We often want things in our life to change, but are unwilling to effect that change for the simple reason that it feel scary.

So, we wait for things to magically change themselves, which most of the time, they just don’t.

Avoidance of the temporary scared feeling can lead us to choose to stay stuck with the status quo for weeks, years, decades sometimes.

Thing is, feeling stuck is a very uncomfortable emotion to live with too.

So, in essence we are swapping experiencing one uncomfortable emotional state (fear) for another one (stuckness) rather than avoiding it all together.

Allowing ourselves to experience the temporary emotion of nerves, scariness, fear – is PART of creating positive change. It doesn’t last forever, but it is often an integral part of the ride.

The more we can accept it, welcome it even, the faster we can unstick ourselves and include more of what our heart desires in our life.

What’s more scary? Experiencing fear on the way to what you want, or, living in a state of stuck status quo long term? I know you know the answer.

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