Christmas Musings

How to dial down the Christmas Stress-5

Christmas isn’t something you buy

Christmas is something you feel


Christmas isn’t something we wrap up

It’s a something we open up within ourselves


Christmas isn’t about the sparkle of the lights

It’s about us spreading a little sparkle wherever we go


Christmas is so much less about a decorated Christmas Tree

And so much more about embracing our Family Tree


All the exciting new toys and gadgets to connect

Never forgetting the greatest joy is the connection of hearts in the room


So much talk about where we will GO for Christmas

And it’s actually so much more who will we BE for Christmas

The kindest, least judgy, fun-est, lightest version of ourselves?

I hope!

Be happy. Be thankful.
Be fully in the moment – that’s why it’s called “The Present”

Make some amazing memories + magic this year.

Happy Christmas


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