5 Quirky Mood Boosters

5 Quirky Mood Boosters

Five Instant mood shifters for when you are in a funk.

1. Change your common mood triggers. You know how everyone makes their password their pet’s name? Of course, you do. You’ve already totally typed in Tigger123 or MisterPaws4 this morning I just know it (don’t worry your secret is safe with me). Well, I too used to have the name of one of my cats as my password. Thing is, this lovely sweet cat was no longer with me, she tragically got lost and I never found her again, so it actually made me SAD every time I typed her name. Sad mood password = schoolgirl error, Louise. Given how many times a day we type in a password a quick and effective mood booster is to change it to something that makes you feel instantly perky and happy a dozen or more times a day. Can I suggest DanCartersThighs567? Or similar. I’ll leave that to you.

2. Find a personal reset button. What is a guaranteed Go To that switches things up for you when you feel overwhelmed or down. It might be that exercise is your reset. Or for some people it’s something creative, crochet or painting. For others, it’s a sociability and people connection. For others its solitude, maybe meditating or a long bath. For others, it’s switching the brain off with total absorption with a PlayStation. Knowing in advance what your most consistent reset button is shortcuts you to positive action when you feel so out of sorts you don’t know what it is that you want.

3. Sound is a very powerful mood shifter. Compile a “Get My Happy On” playlist when you are in a good mood. What makes you feel connected, joyful, and up? Which tunes remind you of good, good times? Music is supremely evocative – using it as a deliberate circuit breaker for your mood is one of the fastest ways to change things up. A quick walk around the block to “Can’t Stop The Feeling” by Justin Timberlake to connect you to good times and good feelings will get you back in the office ready to face the music in a better headspace.

4. Where is your Happy Place? I never thought I’d say this but the boxing gym is one of mine. Whatever the day has thrown at me, I only have to walk in there, throw a punch and my mood is moved in an instant. Your Happy Place might be the beach or the bush or the bike store. Taking a break to wander around the shiny things in the fishing shop might be just what you need to break out of the blues. Change the context – change the mood.

5. Connect with an animal or a baby. A non-verbal creature will change your mood instantaneously. Moods are made from thoughts, which are articulated with words. Connect with someone who can’t use words and communicates just with their energy and see how things change. Pat a pet, or cuddle with a new-born (“Baby Crack” as it’s affectionately called in my family) and experience the mysterious power that can elevate mood on the spot.

Don’t let a bad mood derail your day. Deliberately move your mood with a circuit breaker. Now, what’s your new feel good password going to be?


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