Week #2: Getting honest about your REAL money blocks

One of the core principles we teach in my online group coaching programme ~Wellbeing Warriors~ (click here to join the membership waitlist) is that what we deny we cannot transform. The first step to changing any situation for the better is always increasing awareness. Awareness of what we don’t want. Increased awareness of what we do. When we are unaware of our patterns and triggers we cannot change them, so by deliberately making the unconscious conscious we take our power back.

For example: we cannot become less stressed if we are unaware of the patterns and triggers we habitually fall into that create drama in our lives.

We cannot have a healthier, happier body if we are not honest with ourselves about the junk food we are eating on the run, or the stress related Sauvignon Blanc habit.

We cannot transform the quality of our relationship connection if we are not honest about the amount of actual one on one screen-free time we consistently make time for with our partner each week.

Acknowledging our limiting patterns, however painful and confronting that may be, is the key to lasting growth and making positive long-term change that lasts.

The same goes for our relationship with money. If we want to feel happier about our money situation, make it stretch further or achieve some specific goals such as saving for a house deposit or holiday, then we need to be really honest with ourselves and what we are spending our money on.

We need to be honest with ourselves about our true spending habits – not our idealised version of our spending habits – what they really are! What our spending habits are seven days a week, not the one perfect day where we kept it well in check and totally denied ourselves that shiny new thing (yes!) but what they are 24/7/365. It is what we do consistently that defines the reality of our situation.

This is where I really like Westpac’s new #CashNav app – it gives a completely transparent take on exactly what’s happening with my money in real time. There is nowhere to hide! There is no denying the sneaky shoe purchase or Friday night bar tab. It even breaks it down by category into utilities, eating out, entertainment, shopping…it’s very revealing, and all the hard organisational work is done for you. It’s a super easy way to get complete clarity over your money, and it’s right in the palm of your hand.

Uncovering my true money patterns with absolute transparency is incredibly empowering.

I had no idea how much my very healthy eating out habit was adding up to each month! As I said at the beginning, we cannot transform what we deny or are unaware of – so this transparency was initially a little horrifying but ultimately a really good wake-up call for me tweaking my money and shopping habits for better alignment with my long term goals (like my next Bali health retreat!).

If you are not feeling as relaxed or happy with your money situation right now as you would like to be – the key is to start being increasingly honest with yourself about the reality of your money patterns.

You cannot transform that which you deny or are unaware of – so be brave and look your money in the eye. It is not the boss of you; you are the boss of it! Get super clear on where it’s really going day-to-day, and if that’s in alignment with what you really want.

money in the glass with filter effect retro vintage style

This 4-part “All About The Money, Honey” series is brought to you courtesy of my friends at Westpac (check out their new #CashNav app) – all views, opinions, tools, tricks and tips are, as always, 100% my own.

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