The Selfishness question we all need to ask ourselves….

I want to talk about setting yourself a “Self-Care Baseline” today…


Self-care is often confused with selfishness, so frequently it comes so low down on people’s “To do” list – just under “clean out the garage” and “drop jacket at the drycleaners” that it hardly ever happens. When looking after ourselves is actually our most important job, why does it always seem to come last for most women?


What I see again and again is busy women juggling multiple responsibilities, like work and family, start thinking somewhere along the line that taking time out for themselves is selfish, or something that can ONLY happen when everyone else is taken care of. They are always at the end of the list, which builds resentment and saps energy.


As someone once debilitated by Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, I now look at things differently. I think that not putting your own self-care first is selfish. If you are run ragged by the demands of life you will NEVER be able to give your best to others – you’re depriving them of the wonderful person you can be. Racing to fulfil every demand without coming up for air means you can’t be truly present and connected in your interactions; you’re always thinking about “what next”.


Creating a self-care baseline is an important contract to make with yourself, whether it’s a monthly massage, an hour alone to read your favourite books, or a weekly Pilates class that’s a non-negotiable it’s the equivalent of putting your own oxygen mask on first in the plane before helping others. Being selfish actually becomes the most powerful thing you can do not just for yourself, but for everyone else too.


You don’t have to do All The Things, you don’t need to do self-care perfectly…just start with ONE thing and create a Self-Care Baseline that supports you and that you can look forward to, and say, that is MY THING I do for ME. It’s more important than you know.


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