The 4 reasons why Yoga can help get you pregnant!

As you know I am lucky enough to have hundreds of loyal lovely yoga students come to Positive Balance yoga every term. I am absolutely committed to my term based approach: I absolutely adore getting to know my students over time, seeing the same faces each week, seeing different people connecting inside and outside of the studio. I have a greater sense of being part of the community here than I have ever experienced anywhere in my life, and I love it. I would never swap it for a classroom of random one-off students. I love the way the term based approach means you have stepped up, made that commitment to honour your mind and body needs in terms of your time. I love seeing you progress, seeing your journey, seeing someone like Richard finally touch his toes after 3 years of consistent practice. Seeing Anna finally hold her tree for a full minute on both sides after so much consistent practice. That continuity is at the very heart of everything I do at Positive Balance.

The biggest reason for people not renewing their Term pass has been the same for a number of years now, and I thought I would share it with you. It’s students getting pregnant! There are a whole heap of Positive Balance babes out there! Many people getting pregnant soon after starting yoga, when they have been trying for years.  I learned of another student falling pregnant this very morning so I thought I would share why yoga is one of the best, and easily the most natural, fertility drugs there is.

 1. We are animals. Humans I know, but, nevertheless animals. Animals are biologically programmed to be less likely to reproduce when they are in a state of crisis. It’s logical and sensible. An animal will reproduce when it feels it is in a safe and abundant place where it can care for it’s young. When an animal is scared or in “fight or flight” it is less likely to reproduce, and it’s the same for us. That’s why yoga is so fantastic, especially the style we practice at Positive Balance with an emphasis not just on postures but on using the breath to take the body out of it’s flight or flight stress response and into “rest or digest”. I know many of you use the breathing techniques (pranayama) outside of class too: to calm you down on a stressful day; to relieve tension when you are stuck in traffic; and to help you relax and sleep well. This ancient yogic wisdom puts you in a place of calm, the place where reproduction naturally occurs. It’s learning about the difference between your sympathetic nervous system and your parasympathetic nervous system and taking your body to the state where fertility is naturally boosted that I believe is why so many students fall pregnant.

 2. The asana’s themselves. All those twists and backbends are providing a gentle but deep massage for your internal organs.   This helps to stimulate the reproductive areas, as well as naturally bring hormone in-balances back into balance. Blood flow is increased in certain asanas to exactly the regions you need to stimulate. Highly oxygenated blood that revives and boosts internal health and vitality.

 3. Mental Stuff. When you are anxious about trying to get pregnant that worry and anxiety stimulates the fight or flight response. The mental and emotional side of yoga, the positive thinking and meditative aspects help to reduce this worry. In class we focus our attention on staying present, in the moment with the sensations our body is experiencing at that very moment. Staying present by being aware of the gentle flow of our breath. By being present we release these future worries of pregnancy, even if for just an hour a week, that mental release calms our fight or flight physiology and makes it more likely conception will occur.

“Yoga helps create an optimum

physiology for conception”

 4. Finally we change up our energy in class. We focus on appreciating the here and now. With no competition, and no judgment. Appreciating what our bodies can do today. This energy focus cannot be underestimated, instead of focusing on a baby-shaped hole in life, we focus on all the good we have and can experience in the moment. In basic Law Of Attraction terms this makes it far more likely to attract a pregnancy as our focus is not on what we lack, but on what we have. I think that this release around lack, again if only for an hour or so a week, also has a major effect on changing up the energy around pregnancy.

And there you have it! That’s why yoga is so good for fertility. I see the evidence of it every term with students getting pregnant all the time. Especially joyful for those who have been trying for years. Yoga can be a fantastic drug free way of supporting any journey of fertility so do encourage any friends that are trying for a baby to check out a class near them. Make sure it is a class that is not just focusing on the physical but on the mental, meditative and breathing aspects too. It’s the all round approach that does the greatest good in terms of creating an optimum physiology for conception.

Have you fallen pregnant whilst practicing yoga? Please do share in the comments below:



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