Reflecting on 2023: Decisions today, impact tomorrow

As we reflect on what has passed, we can also look to the future.

Perhaps, like me, at this time of the year you are thinking about…

What’s gone well this year?

What hasn’t?

What am I proud of?

What could I have done better or differently?

What is next?

What really matters now?

There is something about the year drawing to a close that makes me really want to get that overview, take stock of my progress. I know from your messages that so many of you feel the same ❤️.

One way I like to think about it is this: what would the FUTURE ME think about the decisions and choices I am making NOW?

Louise in 2025 will have to LIVE WITH the decisions I make NOW for her body and health, her finances, her living space, her experiences…

What I PRIORITISE NOW really MATTERS, maybe not today, as it seems like a SMALL decision today

(to eat Pringles/to not eat Pringles)

(to walk 8000 steps or to push it til “tomorrow”)…

In the NOW, those decisions seem UTTERLY inconsequential.

HOWEVER, to the future Louise, the Louise who will have to live in this body / house / bank account / relationship / mental health in a YEAR’S TIME… well, those small decisions added up over 365 days…become HUGELY significant.

Can you project yourself forwards in your mind’s eye to a year from now?

What BODY will the Future {first_name} be living in?

What career progress will Future {first_name} be experiencing?

What level of mental health will Future {first_name} enjoy day to day?

What will Future {first_name} feel about their living space?

And the biggie: will Future {first_name} feel PROUD of the decisions {first_name} made today, and followed through on?

It’s a perspective shifter, isn’t it?

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