Positively manifest a new chapter this Solstice 🌙

The summer and winter solstices are powerful celestial events that mark the longest and shortest days of the year. These events have been celebrated by cultures around the world for literally thousands of years. They represent a time of transition and change, offering us an opportunity to reflect on the past and set intentions for the future.

You know I am BIG on any milestone opportunity to press pause, and check in with ourselves and the summer/winter solstice is as good a time as any, with the added spiritual nod to connect with the cycles of nature and to tap into our own inner wisdom.

Here are a few ideas to use the solstice this year to create a marker for personal development:

  • REFLECTION QUESTIONS. We are six months into 2023. What has been the high-light? What has been your low light? What are you proud of? What has surprised you? What do you want to AMPLIFY in the second half of 2023?
  • CONNECTION WITH NATURE. Go take your shoes off and stand barefoot on the grass! Studies have shown walking barefoot in nature increases endorphin flow, and decreases stress by over 60%. The solstice is an excellent reminder that our connection with nature is not just a nice to have once or twice a year on holiday, but an essential part of how human beings are MEANT TO connect and recharge.
  • CELEBRATE GOOD TIMES COME ON. Ritual is important. Humans are wired for ritual. Raising a glass to celebrate the abundance and good times and achievements of the first half of 2023, sets the tone (from a Law Of Attraction perspective) to welcome in and attract MORE good times in the second half.

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