Monkey Magic

Monkey Magic

Life travelling so rich because it is not routine. By getting out of the habits of each day where even the smallest things are different from the sink I clean my teeth in to where I lay my head at night unlocks a way of looking at life and seeing the small details in a way I can miss at home

Sauntering slowly round Iguazu Falls led to this amazing monkey encounter, plus seeing a host of other wildlife. The guy I sat next to on the plane couldn’t believe the monkey video, he had been there the same day and seen nothing but the waterfall. I remember: I saw him rushing past with dozens of others in his eagerness to get to the falls.

It’s been a great lesson for me…to remember to slow down. That the cliché ‘life is about the journey not the destination’ is a cliche for a reason. When I rush to tick the thing off I miss stuff, sometimes the best stuff, it becomes invisible in the blur of doing. It’s the quiet moments of enjoying the journey that can be the richest of them all.

I want to try and bring a little of this journey magic home in my rucksack. To know that there are just as many amazing small moments of beauty right where I am, I don’t have to travel to see them, I just have to get out of the routine, open my eyes and focus on the moment not the end result. I went for the waterfall, and it was spectacular, but the quiet little monkey moment was the thing I will remember. A good lesson to be open to everything an experience can bring not just the obvious outcome. It’s the little unexpected moments that are what make life so special. So, remember to look up, you just might see the unexpected!


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