Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Staying in a friends house over the break I walk into the bathroom and the mirror started to speak to me. “ Helllllllllo” it purrs in a Austin Powers type drawl. “you are looking gorrrrrrrgeous….have you lost weight?….I loooove what you have done with your hair!….your bum looks great in those pants…”

As no gin and tonics had yet been consumed I had the wherewithal to look about the bathroom, and sure enough there was a little gadget at the back of the mirror. Activated by movement…whenever anyone looked at themselves in the mirror they got that fabulous purring message. And it felt fabulous, even though I knew it was some Taiwanese gadget, it still felt just so good to have those words resonating as I put my mascara on. I had a spring in my step for the rest of the day.

What fascinated me was the reason it resonated so much is because it said such different things than my own mirror. When I really thought about it my mirror said things like “god you are look oooooooold today girl…is that facecream working?….maybe you need more Touche Eclat…yeah, paint your whole face in it…don’t wear that for godsake you look fat in that..…” etc etc. perhaps you have one of these mirrors in your house? This is the Mirror Of Our Discontent and frankly it makes for a pretty crappy start to the day as we battle past the negative messaging.

Of course, it’s not the mirror that’s the problem, it’s our thoughts when we look in the mirror. It’s not the size of our bum, it’s the size and frequency of our thoughts about our bum that is the problem.

Frankly the whole mirror experience was much nicer with Taiwanese Austin Powers that the regular Dr. Evil messages. I liked that much better, and I think that womanhood as a whole would be so much happier and more joyful if we could all switch up our experiences in front of the mirror.

Now each morning I make an effort to think…What Would Taiwanese Austin Powers Say? It starts off my day with such positive energy and I am a lot more accepting of my body and appearance. “Good morning Louise…you look gorrrrrrrrrrrrgeous today….that pony tail looks just great….”

Sometimes it’s not big changes we need to make in our life to bring more health and happiness, just a small change in our thinking each morning can have a ripple effect of self-acceptance that can last the whole day. Try it, invite Taiwanese Austin Powers along tomorrow morning and see how much better you feel.

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