How to Declutter The Most Important Space Of All

How to Declutter The Most Important Space Of All Loving hearing all the fabulous feedback on our Decluttering Series. It just shows you don’t have to be lazy and wait for New Year to make change. You can shift how you feel RIGHT NOW! These are the things you have been telling me as you chuck stuff away:

  • I feel LIGHTER!
  • It feels FREEING!
  • It feels GOOD!
  • My MIND feels so much CLEARER!

Letting go of stuff that is holding us back (that we often don’t even realise is holding us back!) is an amazing process. There will be an internal mirroring of the process you are undertaking outside. You will be simultaneously getting rid of:

  • Old negative thought patterns
  • Unhelpful outdated beliefs
  • Painful memories that make you angry or sad or scared

Some of these internal blockages will start to subtly change and release their grip on you because of your external decluttering process. It’s a personal growth by stealth.  As you throw things out of your physical space you are also creating mental and emotional space in your head and your heart. So if you are “feeling stuck” in any area of your life you should absolutely be following this process, it will help in ways you can’t anticipate!

So…what’s the next step?

So far we have covered:

#1 – Declutter your Living Space

#2  – Declutter your Digital Space

#3  – Declutter your Wardrobe/Closet – your Identity Space

and now…very important…last but certainly not least…

#4 – Declutter your Internal Space – your BODY

So: Decluttering your internal space. Your body. The Moving Temple of your Soul. How do we do THAT?!

Giving our body a spring clean is really important. We can get stuck in habits that do not serve our body, sometimes for years. If our body is not functioning at optimum then it’s hard to make life function at optimum either. As you know I suffered a huge health crisis with Adrenal Fatigue some years back that led to me being bedridden for many months. I can assure you from first hand experience NOTHING matters more than your body when you find you have lost your health. All the things I thought were important to get done, or see, or do, or be…it turned out that they were way less important than looking after my health when it came down to it. I had got into a lot of bad habits that undermined my body. I so wish I had taken a pause. A chance, like this one, to stop, and spring clean. To look at what was working for me and what was not serving my health. To make change BEFORE a health crisis hit rather than after.

Now I regularly spring clean my body. Here are three things I do every day:

  • I drink a green juice daily
  • I move my body daily
  • I eat within my body’s natural hunger and safety signals daily

None of these things take up a huge amount of time. But they are a clean slate I renew daily in my commitment to my health and vitality levels.

Before you say you “don’t have enough time” (do I know you or what?!), just have a closer look at these examples:

  • I drink a green juice daily – time taken – NO extra time from having a glass of water that I would have had anyway. I use PHD juices that are already pre-prepared. Lazy? Yes! Does it mean I actually do it? Also yes. Time investment – zero.
  • I move my body daily. Okay, so some days that might be an organized class – yoga, Crossfit, or a run. That might take an hour. Or I might do twenty minutes yoga on my own. That still counts. Or I might walk up to the sushi shop rather than taking the car. That still counts. It might be dancing madly whilst I clean the house. That counts. It doesn’t have to look like “exercise”, it’s moving my body in whatever way my schedule allows that day. Time investment  – 20 minutes on a busy day. More on a quieter day. That’s a tiny time investment for huge benefits.
  • I eat within my body’s natural hunger and safety signals daily. I don’t overeat. So I don’t get fat. I pay attention to my body. Those of you who came to the ahhhhhmazing profoundly life changing Food For Thought seminars know what I am talking about! It actually takes LESS time to honour my body’s natural hunger rhythms than to overeat. It takes less time because I stop eating SOONER! It’s a time SAVING! Plus I don’t spend hours hating myself afterwards. Again, time saved.

So don’t get caught up in “I don’t have time” to declutter bad habits from the way you treat my body. It’s really not true, and it keeps you trapped in old clutter of treating your body with less respect than you know it deserves.

So: keep it simple. 3 of each maximum to get started on your Body Spring Clean. You can always do another round of spring cleaning later when you have these habits bedded in. For now start with just one, or choose up to three.

Complete below:

I want to spring clean my body, by STOPPING the following habits. I want to LET GO of dishonouring my body in this way. eg. Overeating. Staying up too late.





I want to continue this Body Spring Clean by embracing the following daily/weekly habits to honour my body and have it function at its best:





The time to start it is NOW sugarplum! Don’t wait for New Year. Start right now. Today. Hit January in better shape feeling clear and full of energy. Clear the decks: and start 2015 with body that is clean and clear. Take that wonderful decluttering energy you have liberated from your spick and span house, inbox and closet and pour it into cleaning up the thing that matters most. Your gorgeous bod.

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