Finding your most delicious Yoga flavour

Finding your most delicious Yoga flavourHere’s a little secret. I don’t enjoy every yoga class I go to. I know, I should right, I teach it, I love it, so I should always enjoy it. Right? Wrong.

While I believe absolutely in the benefits that yoga bring to life, that help us to put a bit of balance into the hectic day to day, every type of yoga has it’s own unique style and signature, every teacher their own flavour.

I meet people who tell me “Oh, I tried yoga once, I didn’t like it”. And I think that’s such a shame. To judge the whole of yoga on one class. That’s like trying just one flavour of ice cream, and on the basis that if you don’t like raspberry ripple then you don’t like any ice cream at all. There are so many other flavours to be tried and explored!  To give up at raspberry ripple would be to miss out on a lifetime of chocolate, or hokey pokey or strawberry.

Some days I am in the mood for chocolate, and some days it’s strawberry. So I will choose a class or personal practice based on what I fancy. Mostly though I am a creature of habit with a busy schedule so I go for my usual yummy vanilla class as I know I am going to get the experience I want from that class. But I will mix it up every now and again. It’s really good to try a new flavour. But I keep returning to my vanilla, Sivananda yoga, which what speaks to my soul the best. I love the blend and balance and traditional focus. It’s not that it’s “better” but it is the best fit for me. The experience I savour the most.

So, don’t give up after one class people! Shop around until you find a teacher and style that really resonate with you. Ask your friends what flavour they love and why. Not every yoga style is for everyone, and not every teacher is a fit that will resonate for every student. And that’s totally okay. But there is a flavour out there for you, so keep trying until you find the yoga experience that’s is the most delicious for you.

Tell me below in the comments how you found your flavour of yoga, or if you want to come try Positive Balance check out the new Beginners Course starting on the 23rd October.

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