How Facebook Could Help You Be Naturally Fit and Healthy

Tweet: How Facebook could help you be naturally fit and healthy #shinebright @FlexHappyAre you on Facebook, darling? Of course you are. I have an acquaintance who hates it and calls it “me-book” because it’s all so “me me me”. I can see her point, but I have to say I love the way it keeps me effortlessly in touch with all my friends and family overseas, and of course hanging out with you guys sharing inspiration and mood lifters on a daily basis. I love the stream of positivity that runs through my life on a daily basis.

So here’s a thing I have been thinking about: the status updates that we push out to the world about what’s happening in our life. You know the  “Here’s me doing a thing” “Here’s a selfie of me doing another thing”  “I love my fella/kid, he is so awesome here is a pic of me + him/them looking cute together doing a cute thing”. Status updates are usually sparky, and positive  – they are the face we want to show to the world.

So – as you know I work a lot with smart, busy woman around life /work balance, intuitive natural weight-loss and self esteem – some of my favourite work BTW! The thought that suddenly occurred to me is this:

What if our Body got to share status updates of how we were looking after it? What would THAT look like? If it was Bodybook, not Facebook? What status updates would Your Body post if it could?

“She’s over fed me AGAIN. I am stuffed. Really uncomfortable. Why does she keep doing that to me?! Anyone?”

“She’s just fed me a load of chocolate, whilst only an hour ago she was telling me off for not being able to fit into her favourite jeans. What does she expect me to do? I am living with a crazy lady!”

“Missed the promised walk again today. I was so looking forward to it. Why is my walk always the thing that gets dropped when the diary gets busy? Why is there always something more important than me?”

“She is working us to the bone AGAIN. I am exhausted. Would really, REALLY, like a REST. Is that too much to ask, lol?”

Or would Your Body be posting status updates like this?

“I love my owner! Even though she was busy she still made time to make sure I got to move today – it was only 15 minutes but that makes all the difference to me. I love her!”

“I love my girl. Turned down dessert because I told her I was full and she so totally listened. We are SUCH a great team”.

“Look at what we are doing right now? Cooking something super nutritious that’s what. Oh yeah, I know I am important because she makes this stuff happen for me ALL THE TIME”.

“Yes, we are at yoga. I love that she makes time for this every week. Makes me feel SO GOOD! Bliss. OM y’all!”

Facebook works so well because of course we can be so selective about what we post. Only the pretty selfies make it. Only the pix or talk of the peak experiences make it to status update. We have a great deal of control over the face we present to the word. That’s all cool – I think we would all find it pretty boring and depressing if there was a stream of all the minutia as well as the lowlights. The point is we have full control. We can create an image that we actually want to live up to.

But what if it was not us posting? Just for a week or two? What if Your Body was in charge of your Facebook updates for a fortnight, and it decided to post twice a day, every day. What if THAT was being put out there into the world? Would you be proud of what Your Body was saying about you? Would you feel like you were a team? What would it have to say if it had a voice and a forum? Does that make you feel uncomfortable or does that feel like fun?

If Your Body had a voice what would it say?

This has really helped me to think more deeply about my self-care and prioritisation of exercise in my life. It’s helped me to take action and to make sure each day contains a good level of self-care and respect for my body. If my Body was posting each day I’d like to give it good things to say!

It’s a subtle change in focus that can create a big change in action. What about you? Hit the comments below and give me a status update from Your Body, or an update you would like Your Body to post about you.

If Your Body had a voice, a Facebook profile, what would it say?


Louise Thompson, wellbeing coach

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