Ever feel everyone has their shizzle together…but YOU?

I think one of the most beautiful things about the Masterclass event, and about the Wellbeing Warriors Academy in general, is the validation that everyone… EVERYONE… is working through something. No one (including me) has everything all figured out, all of the time. It’s interesting though how hard we are on ourselves…

Do you ever feel like everyone else kinda has their shizzle together, but you?!

Let me help you feel a little bit better about that today , if I may…

If you ARE one of life’s gloriously creative, scattered, always running late, no idea where your car keys are, did I feed the kid/cat/parking meter people…I want to talk to you today and let you know….

THAT IS FABULOUS! You bring energy, and fun, and fabulousity to this increasingly measured and judgey judgey world.


Please stop being down on yourself because you are not as “together” as some of your friends/family/colleagues.

(They are not as together as you think firstly, and secondly they cannot match your level of fabulosity that comes with someone more…spontaneous…and fluid…with their style of living life).

So, know this…YOU DO BEST WHEN YOU PLAY THE LONG GAME.  Don’t worry about having your shizzle together and your hair perfect today…focus on the quality of your connections and direction over the long term, and in the words of the great Elizabeth Gilbert, “embrace the glorious mess that you are”

I have so many clients and members who were down on themselves before learning that it’s not just OKAY to be who they are, but to fully EMBRACE, OWN AND REVEL IN THEIR MORE FLEXIBLE APPROACH TO LIFE!

Time to set yourself free and stop being hard on yourself for not having your shizzle together, because, in the long run, it matters not!

You categorically DO NOT have to have your shizzle together all the time, in order to have a radically successful, enjoyable life!

Elevate your REAL self-care with ONE smart decision TODAY.

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