Do you “Pay It Forwards”? Don’t forget this person…

Do you ever Pay It Forwards in your life? Nice concept, and we are good, I think, generally, at paying things forward for other people. Donations to charities we value, of time and money. Putting money in to leave a coffee for someone else in a cafe. Buying a little extra at the supermarket so something goes in the food bank collection point. Checking in on our elderly neighbours. But I wonder if there is one person you have forgotten about in your kind mission to Pay It Forwards…? 🤔

I am talking about Paying it Forwards today.

I am sure you are paying it forwards in all sorts of ways each week {first_name}, in a way that is just an integral part of your values and your week. I know this as only GOOD HEARTED PEOPLE read Wellbeing Wednesday!❤️

I have a question, though, about Paying It Forwards…

I’d like to ask you {first_name},

What are you paying forward to yourself?

Huh, yes?! 😳

Think about it:

Your life right now is (largely*) a result of what you chose a year ago.

Your life a year from now will be (largely*) a result of your choices now.

*excepting huge unforeseen tragedies/windfalls that you cannot anticipate


What will the YOU a year from now be enjoying about their body? Their bank account? Their balance of life?

All those things are determined by what YOU pay forwards TO YOU, NOW.

Something to think about huh?

Choose accordingly. ❤️

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