Winter Wellbeing

Baby, it’s cold outside: 5 totally unusual tips to move that mood! #1

Wellbeing undoubtedly takes more focus and attention in the winter, whereas in the summer it is much more likely to take care of itself. Lighter mornings make it easier to jump out of bed and exercise. It’s hotter so we are naturally drawn to eat lighter foods. We have more holidays so play, rest, relaxation and fun are an integral part of the flow of the week.

It seems far easier to be healthy in the summer.

Coming up with a winter wellbeing plan is a smart choice. Acknowledging it will take a little more thought, planning and willpower than in the summer, but choosing it anyway means you will coast through the winter with much more ease and reach Christmas minus the panic about being beach body ready in 10 days.

So, here is a little mini-series on tips to keep your wellbeing front of mind this winter. We are going to start with a bit of a feel-good pay it forward action: looking outside ourselves and seeing where we can lend a hand.

Altruism is a huge mood booster: our own happiness levels have been shown to increase more and are sustained far longer by an altruistic act than most of the quick hit feel-good things we might do for ourselves.

So, have a look around. The winter is especially hard on the more vulnerable in our communities, especially the elderly. It can be an especially isolating time of year; there are fewer visitors, less trips out, less chat and social interaction. Not only that it’s a time of year when more practical assistance can be required. If it’s especially cold or icy maybe a hand with the shopping or picking up a prescription? Or is the heating and insulation working as it should?

Assistance checking and reassurance can mean the world. Or an invite round to share the crockpot with some conversation can get someone at their lowest and be just the boost they need.

Taking a few minutes out to check on an elderly neighbour could be just 10 minutes out of your day but be high spot in their long, cold week. I know we are all so busy, busy busy, and want to get on to of our own winter wellbeing priorities but if we could make a quick check on those around us our first one then it’s not just our own wellbeing we will be enhancing.

Go do some good today.

Tip two coming next week … ?


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