A post-Masterclass reflection on the Wellbeing Warriors Coaching Academy

When I started the Academy, it was waaayyyyyyy back in 2015 (I KNOW. That is positively EONS ago in internet years 😂 ), at that time, all I knew was my waitlist for coaching was over a year and a half long, and I was never going to be able to help everyone on it.


I wanted to create a safe space where I could take the coaching principles we talk about in Wellbeing Wednesday and take them to the next level with supported implementation so people could take what was resonating and put it into real practice in their life, in a supported way. High quality coaching which represented extraordinary value for money: an entire YEAR’S worth of coaching for what just one or two sessions would cost.


I had no idea that in 2023 the Academy would be on its third technical upgrade (we have THE most gorgeous, elegant, easy-to-use Members Hub ever!), or that we would have hundreds of amazing members in 14 different countries round the globe. And that it would be the focus point of my working life, and the sum of my life’s work. At the time, I just wanted an alternative to waitlisting for one-on-one coaching! 😂


I do feel so proud of every woman in the Academy and her journey: it is the most extraordinary community of women and I feel honoured to work with them each day. Getting to hug so many of them in person at the weekend – some of whom I have been lucky enough to work with since 2015 – was absolutely epic, and deeply emotional for me. The atmosphere in that room I will remember forever 💜


So, does that sound like something you’d like to get involved in? Why not lock in your annual membership today, and you could be joining us at next year’s LIVE Masterclass event? The Wellbeing Warriors Coaching Academy might only be LIVE once a year, but 24/7/365 it’s on your phone, on your laptop, it’s commutable, you can travel anywhere with it. Your wellbeing is where you are. It’s like having a life coach (ME!) in your pocket! Click HERE to find out more.

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