7 Questions to create your BEST summer yet

Ah, the smell of summer time in the air! Don’t you just love feeling the mornings getting lighter and the breeze getting warmer.

We all love summer and it’s definitely true that you can feel the collective mood of the nation rising as the sun starts to rise a little earlier each morning.

I have a new series for you today to inspire you to make Summer 2019/20 your best yet.

We all know summer’s going to be good…because…summer!!!…but I have 8 top tips for you over the next 8 weeks to amp it up to the max with your wellbeing in mind.

A little extra planning and reflection now go a really long way to making this your best summer to date.

So – today’s first tip

#1. Summer by design, not by default

If Summer 2019/20 is to be your most fun, most connected, most energising yet, then that’s unlikely to happen by accident.

We are far enough out on the run-up now that you can make some great decisions that will affect your level of ease and enjoyment the whole summer long.

So, spend a little time planning by using these 7 questions:

  1. What was great about previous summers that you absolutely want to do again this year?

  2. What would be the three things that would THRILL you to have happen this summer?

  3. What three new activities or occasions do you absolutely want to include this summer?

  4. What did you feel you might have missed out on last year? What could have been better?

  5. What, be honest now, is getting kinda boring doing summer after summer? What are you ready to stop or switch up?

  6. Where are you getting pulled into other people’s summer agendas in a way that really doesn’t work for you?

  7. What are your favourite summer traditions? Is there anyone additional you want to include, or a way you want to put a twist on or expand your summer tradition?

Making the most of our precious months of glorious weather and squeezing the maximum juice out of the summer means investing in a generous sprinkle of planning.

A little planning might not sound summer-sexy – but the results sure are.

When you get the summer you want and deserve by design – not by default.

Elevate your REAL self-care with ONE smart decision TODAY.

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