7 Days of Change with Nespresso

This has been a FUN project! I set a daily challenge – a mix of physical challenges, emotional challenges, mental challenges and spiritual challenges – specifically designed to bring 4 lifestyle personalities out of their comfort zones. It was a LOT of fun coaching them through their challenges, seeing what they discovered by changing up their routine, and adding their own unique twists into the challenges.

If you are feeling a little bit blah as winter approaches and fancy an easy boost, pick one and dive in. Feel free to tag me on Facebook with your challenges so I can see how you get on!

Here are the 4 lovely people who accepted the Nespresso 7-Days of Change challenge, and their write-ups on how it went:

Vanessa Rehm – The Buballino Kitchen

Day 1: Physical Go to bed an hour earlier with NO technology to challenge your boundaries on rest and recharge

CARD1bThis is something I’ve tried to maintain for a while now, but I always slip and fall out of the habit. Invariably I stay up later each night, trying to get that next blog written or watching something on NetFlix that I just can’t resist. And my phone seems to keep sneaking into my bedroom which isn’t so much a problem at the end of the night, but does become the first thing I reach for upon waking.

For the entire week I have charged my phone in the kitchen overnight and not had it in my bedroom as I’ve slept. I feel so much better, not necessarily physically, but mentally knowing that I’m not starting my day by scrolling and immediately needing to know what happened in cyberspace while I slept. Early nights are always a good thing and I have loved prioritising my sleep and relaxation before bed. And I’ve been devouring books like the me of old which I absolutely adore. Reading has always been one of my favourite pastimes and I just haven’t been making time for that escape.

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Samuel Levi – Styled By Levi

Day 1: Physical

img_1379Today was all about a physical challenge, and to see whether or not you can achieve something you have never done before. Waking up I decided to try a different coffee than my usual and went for the Ristretto option thanks to my Nespresso Coffee machine. 10.30am hit and off I went on my little adventure to Piha beach to try something totally new to my everyday lifestyle. Yes, I am a professional and qualified swimmer/lifeguard, I grew up on the beach but no – I have never tried surfing or even to stand up on a surfboard in my life. It is something that never really appealed to me – but once trying it came a sense of relief and a moment where I thought I could actually enjoy this. I was pushed outside my comfort zone, but a place I am glad I went. Taking on this challenge during winter was also a challenge in itself that I would never normally do.


Day 2: 

Yellow shoes are not a thing we all jump for joy over – but for me I have a pair and find it hard to wear it out sometimes. Fashion is what I do, but I always saved these shoes for special events, launches, or a time to make a statement. I woke up this morning and thought “stuff it” let’s try something different. Kick starting my morning with a quick shot of ‘ Roma ‘ from Nespresso – I chucked my pair of yellow converse on with white ripped jeans and off I went for the day. The compliments received were amazing – with a lot of people asking where I got them from, and showing a genuine interest. I however did notice more people staring at me. Whether it was a mental thing or I don’t know what – I however think I should be more brave and do this more often!

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Trudi Nelson – Fresh

IMG_7584-300x300I was fortunate enough recently to be selected by Nespresso New Zealand to take part in some May magic! Some life coaching with the wonderful Louise Thompson of Wellbeing Warriors.

The mission? To prove that variety can be spice the life and not to be afraid of change.  Louise came up with seven tasks to complete over seven days, all with the following in mind.

– Strong body
– Kind heart
– Fierce mind
– Brave spirit

The challenges are designed to get you changing habitual patterns of thoughts and action; small daily changes are what build powerful momentum, alongside lasting and deep change.

read more of Trudi’s Challenge here


Stay tuned – 4th challenge will be reviewed as soon as she’s finished the challenge.

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