6 Signs You Need to Look For a New Job

6 signs you need to look for a new job How do you know when it’s time to move on? How can you tell it’s time to slap the resignation letter on the desk and start checking venues for the leaving party?

I see many clients who want a career change and turn up to our first session declaring “I hate my job. I’m over it. It’s boring”. Interestingly, as it turns out not all of them actually need a new job. What they really need is to rebalance the rest of their life. When we have done that and life is full and shiny a magical thing happens: they no longer hate their job! It turns out their job is just fine thanks very much! They approach it from a completely different, much happier perspective: it feels different and their enjoyment starts to return. Hating their job was just a symptom of an unbalanced life. Fix the balance and boom, job satisfaction returns.

For others, well, actually the exact thing they need to do is leave that job! Get the hell OUT! Change company, maybe change careers completely, or set up their own business. All the signs are there that it’s time to make a radical shift in order to improve life satisfaction.

So, how do you know if your hating your job is s symptom of the rest of your life being out of balance, or if it actually means you should change your job? Here are a few signs to look for:

1.  Time moves in slow motion

If the day feels loooooong, like time in moving in slow motion and you have very little periods of “flow” or engagement in your working week it’s probably time to: Change your job

2.      Pride in what you do

If you are proud of what you do, believe in what you do, whatever it is – accounting, managing, mummying, administrating  – but you find each day frustrating it’s probably time to: Rebalance your life

3.      Unique aptitudes

If your job actually fits pretty well with your unique aptitudes, for instance you are a natural at research and you have a job as a lawyer but you hate your job it’s probably time to: Rebalance your life

4.      Body Talk

If you are getting home exhausted every day, if you are relentlessly tired and fatigued from getting your job done your body is sending you a message it’s probably time to: Change your job

5.      Resistance

If your job seems to be one bad thing happening after another, that The Universe keeps throwing problems in your path and every day is a grind that’s a sign from The Universe it’s probably time to: Change your job

6.      Wardrobe Review

If your wardrobe is packed with corporate work clothes and very few casual it’s a sign you have your identity too firmly wrapped up in your work, it means it’s time to: Rebalance your life

So remember, hating your job doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the wrong job for you. Taking the focus off the job and onto improving the rest of your life can be just the action you need to make your work life. Other times you are just in the wrong place doing the wrong thing. Being brave and taking the decision to jump is absolutely the right choice to make.

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