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Join life coach and New Zealand Herald columnist Louise Thompson’s online coaching programme and learn smart tools and techniques to transform your wellbeing, without the usual overwhelm!

Just real women, living real busy lives, getting real results – come join us.

What are you waiting for?

Join ~Wellbeing Warriors~ today and create a life you love, and a body you love living in.

~Wellbeing Warriors~

an online programme to create a life you love,
and a body you love living in.

EACH MONTH YOU WILL RECEIVE a brand new module to elevate your wellbeing and fast track your personal growth. Each month is themed to deliver my newest content (that you won’t get anywhere else) on an aspect of physical, emotional, mental or spiritual wellbeing that will challenge you and change you.

Previous themes have included perfectionism, procrastination, creating strong exercise habits, reducing stress, setting effective boundaries, increasing energy levels and so much more. It’s about being fitter not just in body but in mind too. It’s about creating a life you love, and a body you love living in.



Practical psychological tools and techniques you can implement however busy you are to elevate your wellbeing and make healthy habits stick.. Aha! moments guaranteed!



Reprogramme your subconsious beliefs that keep you stuck in self-sabotaging patterns around your heath with bespoke, targeted monthly meditations that work.


Q & A’s with LOUISE

Q & A session with me each month. Ask your questions direct, live, and be able to replay the answers. Wellbeing Warriors are the only exclusive access outside of VIP clients!



It’s the daily drip feed of wellbeing that creates true implementation and lasting change. Each day keep your wellbeing front of mind with a tiny challenge that adds up to big results.



You learn as much from each other as from me – knowing you are not alone and cheering each other on, benefiting from shared insights and aha! moments is personal growth gold.



Much other goodness inside to power you forward: this programme is about supported + smart action and results. I give you what you need in small, easy to digest resources to make healthy a happening thing!

WW is an amazing opportunity for incredible growth and creating a crystal clear vision on what one most wants in life. Louise creatively creates a soul nourishing space with our daily practical challenges and monthly tutorials. I have gained so many valuable insight and perceptions on issues that I have dealt with in years. WW is a sanctuary for working your “optimistic muscles” and developing strategies and new skills/tools to enhance and cultivate what is best within ourselves.

Claire Bentley

Wellbeing Warriors is a genuinely life changing resource. It is a minimal upfront investment to gain a new perspective and approach to health and wellbeing and a regular source of positivity and inspiration. We cover many topics some of which I have never considered but they are all hugely relevant and are helping me to make meaningful changes in my perspective and life. The commitment required is just right, small daily challenges.

Lisa Partigliani

The biggest change for me so far has come from learning to love my body (lumps, bumps and all)! Every morning I now say ‘ hello gorgeous’ to myself in the mirror. What I love about being a Wellbeing Warrior is that I am not on this journey alone….the love and support we give each other is amazing. It’s been one of the best investments I have ever made: I can’t recommend it highly enough. It really is an amazing journey of personal growth and wellbeing. Love it!

Nicola Dalzell

What are you waiting for?

Join ~Wellbeing Warriors~ today and create a life you love, and a body you love living in.