Fatigued to Flourishing


“The Busy Woman’s Guide to High Energy Happiness” was always designed to be more than a book. We all learn in different ways, and a multi-media approach means you get to learn, absorb and integrate the tools and techniques in the way that is easiest and most powerful for you. Especially if you are tired or suffering from Adrenal Fatigue, it stands to reason that you want the information to work as fast and easily for you as possible, right!

Many of the tools in the programme that I use with my clients are simply far easier explained in an audio you can listen to, or a video you can watch, or a recipe book that lives in the kitchen, than in a book. It’s one thing to read about the benefits of meditation, it’s entirely another to have a delicious guided auditory experience that will recharge you at your fingertips! It’s one thing to know what little tweaks you can make to your lifestyle and diet to instantly improve your energy and vitality; it’s entirely another to have an easy to print check-list you can stick to the fridge and check off your progress each day. It’s all about usability and integration into your life.
This e-programme is designed as a companion to the book. Each audio, video and worksheet (including some there was not room to include in the book) is referenced back to the page in the physical book, so you can make every chapter sing and get the maximum life-changing benefit from it.

In the signature “High Energy Happiness Programme” you will receive:
Massive 120 page “High Energy Happiness” workbook:

That’s ALL the action steps from the book pulled in one document so you have much more space than in the book to detail your own answers and truth. We have in it a format you can fill in on the screen or you can print it off and hand write it. It’s a massive 120 pages long with an unbelievable 100+ tools for you to complete as you read through the book. Every tool increases your self-knowledge with action steps to take, and we have also created a tickable Action Step Checklist so you can track your progress towards High Energy Happy!


Inside the e-Programme members area you will find:

  • Prettified “Ten Truth Flashes” of High Energy Happiness that you can stick somewhere prominent so you can inspire yourself daily to move towards your best life.
  • Energy Mantra’s worksheet. Sanskrit mantras with their English translation, plus some English suggestions for you to identify the perfect mantra for you.
  • Manifesto of High Energy Happiness. All designed real pretty and print-outable so you can have it inspire you every day from you fridge, noticeboard or wall.
  • Your Energy History Timeline. Much bigger format than the book, use this worksheet to identify your unique energy and fatigue triggers and patterns. Clarity is power: boom!
  • Lifestyle Checklist for the fridge: your 20 do’s and don’ts for lifestyle and diet. Detailed in full and accompanied by a handy week-to-view checklist that you can stick to the fridge and track your progress towards health and happiness.
  • “Eat for Energy: Simple Strategies to Energise Your Diet” – my wellness partner, Healthy Food Guide nutritionist Claire Turnbull, and I, have also put together an easy and yummy recipe book, that will give you loads of great ideas on how to integrate eating for energy easily into your day-to-day life.
  • Life Balance and Satisfaction worksheet. Fill this is to assess where you most need to focus your attention in terms of getting unstuck and moving life to where it needs to be. I recommend this exercise as a regular part of life maintanence, date it each time you check in and keep it as a record of life unfolding.
  • Easy Meal planner. One page template you can print off weekly to organise eating well without stress or drama.
  • Access to Dr. Wilson’s amazing supplement programme. These supplements are practitioner only, so you need to make an appointment with a Natural Health Professional such as your local naturopath in order to order them. These helpful professionals can support your health journey in many ways, as well as order the supplements for you. Purchase of the “High Energy Happiness” e-programme also counts as practitoner support due to the wealth of information you are receiving in the e-programme, so on purchase you will get your login for easy supplement ordering and shipping right to your door. Easy!
  • Local practitioner resource list: a list of Natural Health Practitioners we love working with so you have easy access to your nearest.
  • Belief Harmony Technique Worksheets. This is the foundational technique you learn in the book, where we look at exploring just one belief system (which was on work ethic and how you think about work). There wasn’t room in the book to include all the worksheets I wanted you to have, so here they are! Uncover your beliefs in
    – Belief Harmony Technique Worksheet – Money
    – Belief Harmony Technique Worksheet – Relationships
    – Belief Harmony Technique Worksheet – Body Image
    – Belief Harmony Technique Worksheet – Priorities, Time and People Pleasing.
  • Personal and Professional Goal setting worksheet. As you work through this chapter in the book you want a nice easy one-page worksheet to fill in your 6 big priorities for the year ahead. You want it to be easy to print and use. That’s what you’ve got!
  • Friends Diet worksheet. Figure out who and what drains you and who and what energises you for smart, energy wise choices.
  • Beliefs Cartoon: a bespoke cartoon for you to pin somewhere inspiring, that will remind you of all the good work you are doing to release old beliefs that no longer serve you. “I’m not good enough”, “I need to be perfect” be gone! Pin it somewhere you will see it every day.
  • “How to be a Time Ninja” e-book. My hugely popular e-book is included. It’s your indispensible guide to making “me-time” happen, to achieving what is most important to you and to not getting sucking into other people’s drama. It will give you extra hours in your week!

Wait! there’s more! I wanted to give you every Mind-Body tool in the book so your experience was as close to working with me personally as possible. So we also have included in your High Energy Happiness e-programme:

  • Introduction to Yoga video! Me in my yoga gear showing you why you don’t need to be young, skinny or naturally bendy to benefit from yoga. You can follow in the comfort of your own home, at your own pace. Understand why this ancient art can revolutionise how you feel about yourself and change your physiology and energy levels.
  • FIFTEEN!!! Yes fifteen individual asana instruction videos. We break down the technique step by step so you can get it right and do it well. It’s for complete beginners. You can watch it on the site in the private members area as often and for as long as you like
  • Two Pranayama Videos: pranayama are the breathing tecniqques that I describe in the book. We have two videos here to teach you two super powerful techniques that will teach you how to transform your stress levels in a matter of moments.
    – Yogic Breathing ( The Three Part Breath)
    – Anuloma Valoma – (Alternate Nostril Breathing)
  • Yoga Nidra Video: learn how to position your body for maximum relaxation. Learn how to feel the difference between tension and relaxation in the body. Learn how a guided meditation can replenish you top to toe. Watch and learn! This traditional form of Yoga Nidra is part of the secret sauce of the High Energy Happiness vitality recipe.

Wait! there’s more! I want you to have support on your journey to your best, most connected, happiest, healthiest life:

I am really proud of the “High Energy Happiness” e-programme. It would have been SO much easier to have just stopped at the book, but I wanted to create the easiest and most accessible way integrating the life coaching smarts, and healing Eastern wisdom into your life in a truly meaningful way. I know many people will read a book but struggle to actually implement what they learn. This e-programme allows you to harness the full transformative power of the book. You can work at your own pace in the comfort of your own home. The cost of the e-programme is less that the cost of just one session with me, or your hairdresser, or your massage therapist. You will have tools you will use for life, stuff you will use forever. In the book I ask what price do you put on your health and happiness. I sold my health for $150, 000. I wish

I had known then what a bad deal that was! If I knew the tools in the book and e-programme I would have made a very different choice! When I got so sick I could no longer work that was a six figure salary I lost overnight. I wish I had known then that I could have turned that whole situation around with some guided self examination, tools and techniques that would change the way I made choices in my life.

I completely understand how it feels to be tired all the time, or feeling “stuck” or that life is not all it could be. This programme offers you the tools you need to move forward with your health, your body and your life in the most powerful way.
E-programme_newWhy wait? Every day you feel less than your best is a day you cannot get back! Life is for living at its fullest and its most connected and engaged.

This e-programme helps you to get out of your own way, and create the life you imagined. You can start making change, and making a difference, right now.



Lisa Partigliani
Lisa Partigliani
Wellbeing Warriors is a genuinely life changing resource. It is a minimal upfront investment to gain a new perspective and approach to health and wellbeing and a regular source of positivity and inspiration. We cover many topics some of which I have never considered but they are all hugely relevant and are helping me to make meaningful changes in my perspective and life. The commitment required is just right, small daily challenges that are achievable without becoming too much. Thank you Louise!
Nicola Dalzell
Nicola Dalzell
The biggest change for me so far has come from learning to love my body (lumps, bumps and all)! Every morning I now say ' hello gorgeous' to myself in the mirror. What I love about being a Wellbeing Warrior is that I am not on this journey alone....the love and support we give each other is amazing. It really is an amazing journey of personal growth and wellbeing. Love it!
Abby Marie
Abby Marie
I wanted to join when I first read about Wellbeing Warriors in December- I went to the check out and pay page about 3 times but never went through with it. I felt a bit dorky - how could an online program actually help - and I wasn't even sure I needed help?! I was probably just being sucked in.Then I read something about the need to do something for yourself to make you happy - not relying on those around you to make you happy and feel good about yourself. I realized I put a lot of pressure on my ...
E.R. Devonport, Auckland
E.R. Devonport, AucklandAuckland
What did you expect from your Life Coaching experience? Did it meet your expectations? Totally! I expected to get some help but I didn’t expect to transform the way I view myself, my family and friends, my life. That has been a life changing experience.
Cill Will
Cill Will
I could write a 'WAR and PEACE' novel as the synchronicity of difficult circumstances in my life with the topic of the Wellbeing Warrior Programme has been uncanny!!... and hence extremely helpful to me!I use the meditations every other day and find that they support me to keep the shift in my thinking, feeling or actions.I love the closed Wellbeing Warriors Facebook group. The support and sharing of ideas from many people in the group has been incredible. (And ... that they have even taken things into the real world and met up for events.)The daily challenges on the Facebook ...
JT.Beachhaven, Auckland
Hello Louise,Well, it has been nearly a year since I sat crying in front of you about my work contract not being renewed and in desperate need of some work on myself.Today I am happier than I have ever been …and I have to thank you and your amazing coaching skills for the changes I made in my life.
Anna-Grete Videbeck
Anna-Grete VidebeckAuckland
Just love the Wellbeing Warrior group and Louise's teaching style. Small daily bites mean each day flexing a new thought muscle and because it's small (but with big impact) it's doable and I have kept it up. Having the meditation audios, worksheets and videos that support the topic means learning in 3D - visually, auditory and written. Best way to learn. Sharing experiences on FB is just another avenue to understand and be understood. Louise is a gifted coach and a blessing, helping make ones way through life with joy and empowerment.
Claire Bentley
Claire Bentley
WW is an amazing opportunity for incredible growth and creating a crystal clear vision on what one most wants in life. Louise creatively creates a soul nourishing space with our daily practical challenges and monthly tutorials. I have gained so many valuable insight and perceptions on issues that I have dealt with in years. WW is a sanctuary for working your "optimistic muscles" and developing strategies and new skills/tools to enhance and cultivate what is best within ourselves. The WW community of women not only cheer you on especially when the going gets tough but we motivate each other with our ...