Ongoing happiness upgrades



I created the Happiness Upgrades option as so many clients wanted to continue to progress even further, dig even deeper, shine even brighter after their Happiness Hack. That once their Hack showed what was possible they could continue up-level even further on a continuous basis and that it was like an on-going investment in their happiness bank!

We are always learning. We are never “done”. Periodic upgrades introduce new cool features, clear out any remaining bugs and generally up the level of shine and ease in your life.

Happiness Upgrade sessions are designed to keep you functioning at your optimum, no matter what life is throwing at you in the meantime, with continual releases of the latest Happiness System Upgrades – tailored specifically to you!

We build on your Happiness Hack with an on-going stream of smarts to keep you energised, and moving ahead at full steam. It’s a programme of on-going success mentoring. I’ll be by your side on-going to give you fresh perspectives and tools that will help you cut a swathe through whatever life throws at you with grace and goodness.

4 options to choose from:


One off magic $279
1 x 60 minute session


Two Month Refocus $997
4 x 60 minute sessions


Six Month Mentoring $2900
12 x 60 minute sessions


Me + You = Your Best Year $5750
24 x 60 minute sessions

Note – you MUST have completed your Happiness Hacking Intensive ( ie. be an existing client) to be able to opt in for the on-going Happiness Upgrades. This is a Phase 2 programme based on the foundation learned in your original programme.

Once you’ve purchased your upgrade using your credit card, debit card or Paypal account, you’ll be redirected to my online diary to schedule your sessions – EASY!

Sessions will take place on Skype or Facebook Messenger.

I’m thrilled to continue working with you!

You + Me = Magic, baby!


“Whatever colours you have in your mind I’ll show
them to you and you’ll see them shine”

— Bob Dylan



JT.Beachhaven, Auckland
Hello Louise,Well, it has been nearly a year since I sat crying in front of you about my work contract not being renewed and in desperate need of some work on myself.Today I am happier than I have ever been …and I have to thank you and your amazing coaching skills for the changes I made in my life.
"Over the last three months I have learnt more about myself than I have over the last 59 years!  Louise has a wonderful coaching style that resonates really well with me, andeach week I come away feeling lighter, happier … and with a deeper understanding about why some things don’t work for me, and what to do about it.I cannot recommend Louise’s coaching enough.
B.P.New Zealand
Hi Louise, just wanted to say a massive thanks for your time yesterday. I got soooo much out of the session – I have learnt more from working with you than anyone I have ever seen before.I know that I have normalised and accepted a lot of bad behaviour in the past but I am now slowlydeveloping the tools and courage to expect better for myself … and I thank you for that.Have a great day and thanks for the hug too!!
R.G.Remuera, Auckland
I simply cannot believe how lucky I am to have found you.Thank you, thank you, thank you.From the bottom of my heart.
Morning lovely,I just wanted to say I feel better already, like a million times better. I can’t believe how fast this process is working –I am already loving my more happy, more energetic future – it’s here already!
C.W.London, UK
Just wanted to send you a quick note as yet another thing you said is ringing true more than ever right now and I want to thank you as it is helping me have faith in myself and push on through my own niggling doubts.
I honestly didn’t know what to expect as its not something I ever considered myself doing, after my first meeting with Louise the pressure that had been building up through frustration with my career seemed to release almost immediately, for the first time in a long time I started to be able to look forward.
This has been an absolutely life changing process for me, now have some incredibly helpful and useful tools for life/career/health/relationships and happiness.
D.C.Howick, Auckland
I expected that I would go through a soulful process to gain clarity and hoped that through this I would find happiness and passion for life. What I gained was all that and so much more.
LT – Just a quick note to say that You Rock!An hour of sharing ideas gives me perspective, focus, encouragement & real go forward action steps.You are so on the team as Success Coach or Sales Coach, or VP of Positive Karma…
I wanted to learn more about myself and get some clarity around where I was heading and what sort of work would suit me best.Yes it did meet my expectations, the sessions via Skype were very effective.