Wellbeing Warriors 90-Day GUARANTEE

The Wellbeing Warriors Academy has been helping smart, busy women get real results with their mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health since 2015. We have a fantastic formula that works, when you apply it. Members surprise themselves every day with the progress they make and the insights and aha moments they experience that power them forwards.

The details of this guarantee are super simple. Before I run through them I want to be clear this is absolutely NOT an unconditional guarantee. It’ is not intended to be a “try it before you buy it” safety net for you to avoid doing any work! If that is what you are after, do not join! I can guide you, but I can’t do it for you. Wellbeing Warriors works because you do! This guarantee is there to encourage you to do that and to get the very most from the Academy. I want you to get results and experience greater peace, health and happiness in life, and I know you will if you apply just some of what is inside the Academy. Progress is made every single day.

Wellbeing Warriors is an active programme, but it is not time consuming! You need an hour at the start of the month to watch the tutorial and download your resources, and then just 2 minutes a day to keep up with the daily challenge that will keep you subtly moving forwards. Nothing is difficult to do or understand…it’s all about that tiny act of daily consistency with your wellbeing. 2 minutes is all it takes!

If you complete your first three modules by watching the tutorial (approx.40 mins) and visibly participate in each one of the 2-minute daily challenges in the group for those three modules, and do not feel that you have improved your wellbeing in that time then I will buy your annual membership back from you at the price you paid for it after those 90 days of completed action are up. I cannot say fairer than that! Simple. Straightforward.

I am that confident (and after running this Academy since 2015 I should be!) in the uplift you will experience to your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health I am happy to offer this good faith guarantee after 90 days of your work, so you can double your focus on what really makes the difference to your wellbeing: you taking tiny, daily, consistent action.

Super Clear Terms & Conditions: The WW 90-day Guarantee is available for all new and returning annual members of the Wellbeing Warriors Academy who have paid for a new annual membership after 1st June 2022.

To be eligible for the ‘buy back guarantee’ members must have watched the tutorials and visibly participated in each of the 2-minute daily challenges by being active in the Wellbeing Warriors Facebook Group every day during the first three modules (90 days) of their membership, and be able to honestly say on Day 91 that their wellbeing has not improved over that time.

Claims may be made between Day 91 and 180 of a membership, and will be assessed based on activity levels from the first three months of membership. To make a ‘buy back guarantee’ request members should send their purchase details to support@louisethompson.com for consideration, after which a “buy back guarantee” which meets the eligibility criteria will be issued within 14 days.

Please remember this guarantee is offered in good faith and should be applied for in the same spirit! Please do not ask for it outside of the above timeframes or conditions. We are a small business, running on tight margins, working hard to deliver a world class Academy with the best of integrity and professionalism. We hate awkward conversations so the above is very clear. It’s there so you can feel suuuuuper confident that the work you do will get you the health and wellbeing results you deserve and that are awaiting you inside the WW Academy!

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