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~Wellbeing Warriors~ is my exclusive Group Life Coaching Club. It’s like Wellbeing Wednesday and my New Zealand Herald column on speed-dial! Fully online, it’s accessible from wherever you are, and I am so proud to have many hundreds members in a dozen countries and growing as more and more women embrace the magical process of supported personal growth in this remarkable community and programme packed with tools, techniques and actionable insights.

“I couldn’t recommend it more highly to anyone who has ever read any of Louise’s columns and felt a connection to what she is saying – what you get here is that – times 1000!“ – Abby Marie, Auckland.


~Wellbeing Warriors~ is an online group coaching programme for smart,
busy women who want wellbeing without the overwhelm

You know, here’s the thing. Life is busy. Everyone is juggling multiple responsibilities and life stuff. The first thing that tends to drop off the To Do list with smart, busy women is wellbeing. Not just physical – although the commitment to eat well and exercise right is usually the first habit to become erratic – but also mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing too. It’s those FOUR FACETS of wellbeing that are critical. Not just one.

Physical. Mental. Emotional. Spiritual. That’s what TRUE wellbeing is.

We both know there are a heap of places you can go get bombarded with more info on what to eat and how to move – but honestly – TRUE wellbeing is SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT!

It is knowledge, intuition and insight, as well as practical accessible practices – that allow you to dance through the fire of life with grace, ease and happiness.

True wellbeing is WAY more than having a toned butt and a green smoothie habit – however nice those things are to have – they are not the whole picture.

Life can be HARD. Life can be BUSY.

True wellbeing is about supporting yourself best by being mentally strong, emotionally resilient as well as spiritually connected. When all those things are in place you will move towards taking care of your physical body in an effortless way you feel proud of every day.

There is a quote by the Australian Author Kate Forsyth, which pretty much saved my life. I stumbled across it in the darkest of times. The darkest. And it helped lead me back to the light.

“May my heart be kind. My mind fierce. And my spirit brave”.

It’s from the beauty of this perfect sentence that the idea for “Wellbeing Warriors” took shape. To take the work I do with my gorgeous ~Happiness Hacking~™ clients, and my amazing corporate clients – to take some of those principles and distill them into an ongoing group membership programme for all those smart busy readers who want (need!) inspiration and tools to protect their life-work balance, to lift their hopes and dreams and days and to help them create and live their best life.

~ Wellbeing Warriors ~ is about increasing the amount of joy in each day. It’s about us honouring the 4 true principles of wellbeing, which to my mind are: Kind Heart, Strong Body, Fierce Mind, Brave Spirit.

I want to share with you MY practices in these 4 areas that make my life whole and complete.

I want to help you shine light on even the darkest of days.

And I want to help you fully embrace the joyride that is the one go round we get in life.


This is how it works


you are ready to upgrade your happiness

KNOW you are ready for more

in-depth practical inspiration to make your life all sorts of amazing in easy bite sized (overwhelm free!) delivery

CHOOSE to Live Life In Technicolor

starting right now!

What your Annual Wellbeing Warriors
Membership includes:

One new bite-sized audio or video training on a new wellness topic each month. Either me talking about something new and transformational, or an interview with a leading expert in the field of personal growth, wellbeing, and health. This will give you new tools to incorporate into every day life for instant traction and to create more space, balance and happiness in each day, in a way that avoids overwhelm and gently re-enforces your commitment to your wellbeing so it doesn’t fall off the radar. I’ll deliver supportive and bite-sized easy integration of tools that you can actually make happen!

One brand spanking new shiny meditation audio each month for you to download and uplift your emotional and spiritual health, to help deprogram old habitual patterns of thought that keep you stuck and let you uplift your thinking to the next level of wellbeing with ease. 90% of our brains processing power is subconscious – harnessing THAT is the key to building effortless healthy habits that stick.

One new screensaver and lockscreen shot each month – something beautiful and life enhancing that will also keep your wellbeing intentions front of mind and make it easier for you to follow through on your intentions.

Access to the super lively, supportive community of Wellbeing Warriors online. Think of it as a cheer leading secret space for you to support like-minded smart busy women who want to live their best lives too. You will make new friends. You will connect with kindred spirits. You learn as much from the other women in the group as you do from me! It’s a seriously incredible sacred space where you realise, this stuff, this stuff you are wrestling with or juggling – you are not alone.

30-Day Wellbeing Challenges – a new teeny tiny mini-challenge every morning – only accessible to those in the Wellbeing Warriors Facebook group! This is the alchemical drip-feed of wellbeing that keeps it top of mind without the overwhelm. It creates the mind and body shifts and keeps you progressing, almost by stealth! The progress from the beginning to the month to the end of the month on the challenges has been breathtaking, and experiencing it in a group ups its power by 1000%.

Your annual membership purchase locks your annual rate in for the lifetime of your membership– as long as you continue to be a member you will never get an annual increase no matter how many subsequent price rises over time. Boom!

Unbelievable value for top quality life coaching: coaching with me one on one starts at $2ooo, with ~Wellbeing Warriors~ you get to work with me, every single day, for just $300 for the year! It’s a steal.

Special deals and bonus content, plus you will get awesome bonus content through the year too, as well as opportunities to connect at exclusive members only events.

I want to give you what you need to move through life with intentionality, purpose, passion, growth -– real tools, real perspective shifts, real action, real change with really good women raising each other up.

Sound good?

Come join the hundreds of women I coach daily. Come be a ~Wellbeing Warrior~



Lisa Partigliani
Lisa Partigliani
Wellbeing Warriors is a genuinely life changing resource. It is a minimal upfront investment to gain a new perspective and approach to health and wellbeing and a regular source of positivity and inspiration. We cover many topics some of which I have never considered but they are all hugely relevant and are helping me to make meaningful changes in my perspective and life. The commitment required is just right, small daily challenges that are achievable without becoming too much. Thank you Louise!
Nicola Dalzell
Nicola Dalzell
The biggest change for me so far has come from learning to love my body (lumps, bumps and all)! Every morning I now say ' hello gorgeous' to myself in the mirror. What I love about being a Wellbeing Warrior is that I am not on this journey alone....the love and support we give each other is amazing
Abby Marie
Abby Marie
I wanted to join when I first read about Wellbeing Warriors in December- I went to the check out and pay page about 3 times but never went through with it. I felt a bit dorky - how could an online program actually help - and I wasn't even sure I needed help?! I was probably just being sucked in.Then I read something about the need to do something for yourself to make you happy - not relying on those around you to make you happy and feel good about yourself. I realized I put a lot of pressure on my ...
E.R. Devonport, Auckland
E.R. Devonport, AucklandAuckland
What did you expect from your Life Coaching experience? Did it meet your expectations? Totally! I expected to get some help but I didn’t expect to transform the way I view myself, my family and friends, my life. That has been a life changing experience.
Cill Will
Cill Will
I could write a 'WAR and PEACE' novel as the synchronicity of difficult circumstances in my life with the topic of the Wellbeing Warrior Programme has been uncanny!!... and hence extremely helpful to me!I use the meditations every other day and find that they support me to keep the shift in my thinking, feeling or actions.I love the closed Wellbeing Warriors Facebook group. The support and sharing of ideas from many people in the group has been incredible. (And ... that they have even taken things into the real world and met up for events.)The daily challenges on the Facebook ...
JT.Beachhaven, Auckland
Hello Louise,Well, it has been nearly a year since I sat crying in front of you about my work contract not being renewed and in desperate need of some work on myself.Today I am happier than I have ever been …and I have to thank you and your amazing coaching skills for the changes I made in my life.
Anna-Grete Videbeck
Anna-Grete VidebeckAuckland
Just love the Wellbeing Warrior group and Louise's teaching style. Small daily bites mean each day flexing a new thought muscle and because it's small (but with big impact) it's doable and I have kept it up. Having the meditation audios, worksheets and videos that support the topic means learning in 3D - visually, auditory and written. Best way to learn. Sharing experiences on FB is just another avenue to understand and be understood. Louise is a gifted coach and a blessing, helping make ones way through life with joy and empowerment.
Claire Bentley
Claire Bentley
WW is an amazing opportunity for incredible growth and creating a crystal clear vision on what one most wants in life. Louise creatively creates a soul nourishing space with our daily practical challenges and monthly tutorials. I have gained so many valuable insight and perceptions on issues that I have dealt with in years. WW is a sanctuary for working your "optimistic muscles" and developing strategies and new skills/tools to enhance and cultivate what is best within ourselves. The WW community of women not only cheer you on especially when the going gets tough but we motivate each other with our ...

P.S. The only person who can really take care of our Wellbeing is…ourselves!
I learned this the hard way by totally burning myself out with chronic Adrenal Fatigue. It’s not a sign that we are weak, or we can’t cope, or whatever. Taking care of our wellbeing amidst the noise and demands of modern life is a challenge. Life is busy and setting boundaries can be tricky. Sticking to them can be even harder! That’s what this is all about. The gentle, ongoing, drip-feed of support and guidance that allows you to make Wellbeing work for you, ongoing, in YOUR life throughout the year.

PPS. Taking care of our wellbeing is not a one off thing.
Just like we don’t eat one healthy meal, and then dadah! – we are slim forever! Enjoying great wellbeing – and how that enhances every single corner of our life – is an ongoing process and commitment to ourselves. It’s thousands of tiny decisions that without some way of guiding and reinforcing them just get lost in the noise of life. That’s what Wellbeing Warriors is all about. What we do daily is what defines the quality of our life. You deserve the best, the best tools and the best support to live the vibrant, full, happy life you deserve, Come join me and your tribe of sisters and experience the magic of supportive personal growth really feels like.